Pool with Jakarta Sky View Suitable for Family Vacation

Pool with Jakarta Sky View Suitable for Family Vacation

Pahala said that after the complete renovation, the Gajah Mada swimming pool has a large swimming pool with a length of 26 meters and a width of 16 meters and a depth of 1 meter to 4 meters and a children’s pool with a width of 11 meters and a depth of 60 cm.

The appearance is also more fresh and modern, with a design dominated by white and blue. With two changing rooms for men and women, brown boxes show a good view and shower rooms in the areas reserved for guests.

“In addition to the general renovation process, 5ky SwimPool will present a different purpose, not only a swimming pool, but we are also preparing a bar service to facilitate guests to order food and drinks to accompany their swimming activities . ” he added.

The facilities provided by the Gajah Mada Plaza Swimming Stadium attract the attention of professional swimming coaches to choose this place as their training ground.

“With the complete renovation that we have done, Gajah Mada Plaza Park will be a beautiful park with a beautiful view, and it will provide a clean and new look. The renovations we did to provide better service to the visitors of the parks more than 200 people visited us every day before we made renovations. ” said Pahala.

If Fimela’s friend is interested in trying this pool, you can spend Rp. 50.000, – weekly and Rp. 65,000, – for the Weekend operating from 08.00 WIB to 18.00 WIB every day with access to the park through Gajah Mada Plaza mall.

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