Perreo: What is that sulphurous dance that is popular with young people but worries parents?

Perreo: What is that sulphurous dance that is popular with young people but worries parents?

A video recently went viral on social media. We see minors devoting themselves to the “perreo”, a sulphurous dance, in a nightclub in Barcelona (Spain).

The images triggered a wave of outrage online. A video on which young people dance the “Perreo” was heavily commented on on social networks.

In fact, this scene, in which several young girls lean forward on the stage of a discotheque in Barcelona, ​​with boys moving back and forth, specifically for this dance, was even picked up by the Spanish media.

Coming from reggaeton, the “perreo” is a very sulphurous dance based on explicit movements of the pelvis between the partners, generally a man and a woman. Considered to have been born in South America, she directs much criticism at the vision of the woman she conveys, often reducing her to a simple sex object.

A party reserved for minors

According to our Iberian colleagues, the protagonists in the images are almost all minors, which then raises the question of whether these young people know what the “perreo” really means.

The nightclub where the scene was shot is the Pampara Tardes, which celebrated its opening this Saturday, January 14th and in the afternoon the minors attended the “Grand Opening Full Perreo” (grand opening dedicated exclusively to the Perreo was dedicated to dance) invited. The club had also shared the video on their TikTok account before eventually deleting it given the scale of the criticism.

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In addition, according to information from the newspaper La Vanguardia, the establishment does not have a license authorizing it to organize festive events of this type.

As a result, a similar evening organized on January 28 has already been cancelled. However, several hashtags #TodosSomosPampara (We are all Pampara) or #FreePampara (Free Pampara) have popped up on Twitter in support of the establishment.