Pensions: The opposition reacts to the reform

Pensions: The opposition reacts to the reform

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne presented the main features of the government’s pension reform on Tuesday 10 January. Which provokes strong reactions in the opposition, left and right.

Exit age set at 64 in 2030, contribution period of 43 years at full rate from 2027… Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne presented the content of the government’s long-awaited pension reform on Tuesday 10 January.

Ads immediately scolded by the opposition. “It’s not a speech, it’s a declaration of social war,” rebellious MP Mathilde Panot launched on Twitter, while Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounced a “serious social regression” on the same network.

While still in the nupes, the ecologist Sandrine Rousseau castigated a “climate-killing” reform that puts everything on growth. “We will do everything in our power so that people do not work until they are 64,” she promised.

LR support pointed this out

On the side of the National Assembly, Marine Le Pen promised to “block” an “unfair” reform. “Having been elected thanks to the left and rebellious France, Emmanuel Macron will now try to increase retirement age to 64 with the support of LR,” the former RN president wrote on Twitter.

The right-wingers are indeed “satisfied to have been consulted by the government on the postponement of the retirement age and the reassessment of small pensions,” said the President of the Les Républicains group in the National Assembly, Olivier Marleix.

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“We note that the Prime Minister has heard a number of demands, the first and most important of which is that the pace is not brutal,” he told the press, specifying that his group would table an amendment for “a real review clause”. . after raising the entry age to 63 and before “possibly Continuation with 64“.

“The government has presented its pension reform: the Ciotti reform,” the socialist quipped on Twitter Boris Vallaudwhile the new Republican president had agreed to vote for “just reform.”