Pensions: “no deal” possible with the CFDT if the age of majority is postponed

Pensions: “no deal” possible with the CFDT if the age of majority is postponed

Three days before an explosive pension reform scheduled for Tuesday 10 January, CFDT chairman Laurent Berger on Saturday 7 January dismissed any possibility of a “deal” between the executive branch and his union if the government is sticking to the very likely postponement of the statutory retirement age.

“It must be clear that even with positive measures on long careers or hardship against reform, we will stick with an age measure. There will be no deal with the CFDT,” affirmed Laurent Berger, Secretary General of the CFDT, in an interview published on Le Parisien.

Three days ahead of the presentation of an explosive pension reform scheduled for Tuesday January 10, unions are increasing pressure on the government, which wants to push through a prospective postponement of the retirement age to 64, with accompanying measures to employ seniors or arduous labour.

Common answer

“If Elisabeth Borne continues to believe that postponing the coming of age is the right reform, we will do everything we can to persuade the government to back down.

And we will use all the levers that belong to us!” warned the head of the first French trade union, who will meet his counterparts on Tuesday evening to think about a joint response to the government project.

Avoid choosing Marine Le Pen

Laurent Berger also disagrees with the executive’s reasoning, which ensures that pension reform would draw its legitimacy from Emmanuel Macron’s re-election in 2022, from which it emerged in the program. “If we fought so hard between the two rounds of the presidential election, it was to avoid electing Marine Le Pen, but obviously not because we wanted to be 65,” he said.

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He also calls on the political movements to let the unions lead the emerging social movement, while the left-wing parties, united under the Nupes banner, plan a joint meeting starting January 17 in Paris.