Pensions: Emmanuel Macron reiterates that Parliament can “adjust” the reform but wants to “move forward”.

Pensions: Emmanuel Macron reiterates that Parliament can “adjust” the reform but wants to “move forward”.

At a joint press conference with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Emmanuel Macron came back to the pension reform. The head of state called on parliament and government to “adjust” the text of the reform in order to “move forward” on the matter.

This Sunday, January 22nd, during the joint press conference with Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron hoped that the government and Parliament could “work together” and “adjust” the pension reform text in order to “move forward”. subject, according to the head of state.

“I believe in collective and individual mandates and responsibilities. There is a time in our democratic life to go to the polls. We do this in our country and it is an important meeting. We define a mandate, we do it for the President and for the members of the Assembly. This mandate has been defined. Then we negotiate. This has also made it possible, in recent months, to enrich, develop and complete the project with many social aspects,” said Emmanuel Macron.

“There is a time that opens in the congregation. You have to respect that. I hope that the government can edit and adapt the text with the parliamentarians in the National Assembly and Senate. At the same time, there is what our constitution provides, namely the opportunity to show and express one’s dissatisfaction. That is what democratic life is about,” added the President of the Republic.

“There is already an opening, a change”

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As the pension reform is presented to the Council of Ministers this Monday, January 23, Emmanuel Macron reaffirmed his “trust in everyone, so that democratic life can take its course in a way that is soothing and causes as little harassment as possible for our compatriots”.

“Tomorrow the text will arrive at the Council of Ministers. Then there is the Parliament time and parallel to that there are the demonstrations,” he said.

After two days of social mobilization, the head of state refused to respond to a hypothetical change in the retirement age, which was raised to 64.

“I will not replace myself for the government that will propose a project to the Council of Ministers on Monday at 64,” nor for parliamentarians, said Emmanuel Macron, specifying that he was elected with a “mandate” to push back old age. from “Retirement to “65 by 2031”.

“We arranged it to speed up the deadline for submissions, which I remind you was decided in 2013. This is not a discovery. We speed it up and put 64 years. There is already an opening, a change. Now you must be able to move forward and engage. And that the government can do its job with Parliament, with composure, the will to persuade and the will to move the country forward,” concluded the head of state.