Pensions: Click here for the online application process

Pensions: Click here for the online application process

As Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne unveiled new pension reforms on Tuesday 10 January, bringing the statutory retirement age down to 64, it’s worth bearing in mind how to apply for a pension online.

Personal support on the pension insurance website. As Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne unveiled the outlines of pension reform this Tuesday 10th January, it may be helpful to remember the various steps to take to apply for your pension online.

Effective immediately, the statutory retirement age will no longer be 62, but 64 if the reform is passed. It is therefore necessary to find out about the exit conditions in order to take the necessary steps in good time.

Early retirement must also be taken into account. In fact, the people who can benefit from it may be in a situation of long career, permanent disability, disability, but also in case of proven exposure to asbestos during the professional career.

How do I apply online?

Once a person reaches retirement age, nothing happens automatically, so you need to apply online. In addition, the website of the health insurance company or the website of Info Retraite supports those affected in their procedures.

Please note that before your request you should request, review and complete or correct your individual statement. The latter then makes it possible to reconstruct his career down to the smallest detail, even for possible periods of unemployment. This document also contains all rights that an employee has acquired for all funds to which he has contributed.

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Once done, the steps are very simple: just connect to your personal space via FranceConnect, request your retirement for all the plans you have benefited from, fill in and sign the form provided and then attach the requested documents. Finally, an advisor to each plan is responsible for reviewing the file and then contacting the employee for discrepancies and determining their pension entitlements.

If help is needed to create a pension file, there is the option of conducting a free “pension fund information interview”, which is practical for each of the funds. In addition, an employee can request their basic plan directly or their complementary plan. For multiple systems, contact the last organization to which the employee belonged and from which they received the most rights.