Pension reform: Seniors worry about the prospect of being able to work longer

Pension reform: Seniors worry about the prospect of being able to work longer

While pension reform aims to keep the French working longer, perhaps working seniors are most concerned. Indeed, France struggles to promote employment for the over-55s, ranking among the worst performers in Europe in this respect.

appreciate seniors. While the project to postpone the legal departure age is being launched by the government despite strong hostility, as the mobilization this Thursday, January 19 shows, seniors are concerned.

And with good reason, the difficulty of finding or keeping a job after age 50 is a persistent problem in France. The relentless numbers show that according to the Department of Labor in 2018, the employment rate was 75% at age 55 and 50% at age 60. Gainful employment until the age of 64, as envisaged in the reform, therefore appears to be a great difficulty for many.

Patrick Denis, a former executive CNEWS was able to meet, is concerned about their destiny. After more than 30 years of career in logistics, the 50-year-old found himself unemployed in 2019. And he then understood very quickly that his age could be a real handicap in the face of recruiters.

“Eventually I realized that at a certain age in recruitment it doesn’t happen at all anymore. In France you are a senior at 45, so you have to know it in the world of work. You realize when you’re 50, 55 and older, it becomes very difficult,” he complained.

Dozens of resumes sent in vain

Unemployed, he sent dozens of resumes to no avail. “We’re not really giving you the reason, we’re giving you to understand that you’re not taken or that you’re not moving forward with hiring, but we know full well that age is a brake,” the former manager added.

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However, Patrick Denis is not opposed to retiring at 64: “Provided that we no longer dismiss many seniors at 50 in companies,” he explained.

Personally, he has given up the idea of ​​finding a CDI but has been able to bounce back through multiplying short assignments of a few months, which he will certainly do until his retirement.