Pension Reform: Heading for Fuel Shortages?

Pension Reform: Heading for Fuel Shortages?

Unions are preparing a major nationwide mobilization to protest the reform of the pension system. The CGT of the oil industry calls for strike days on January 19th and 26th, but also on February 6th. A movement that could once again cause difficulties in the supply of fuel.

Gasoline shortage again soon? While the oil division of CGT called for a strike against the pension reform on January 19 and 26 and February 6 with “possible closure of refineries”, many French fear fuel shortages similar to the October refinery strike.

With this in mind, motorists show foresight and fuel up in anticipation of the social movement. “We have no choice, this will start the chaos again,” “I filled up because I don’t know what’s going to happen next week,” tell CNEWS several people interviewed at a gas station.

Already bottlenecks?

If the strike hasn’t started yet, supply shortages are already being felt, particularly in Ile-de-France. Accordingly, on Monday morning, 3.75% of the filling stations lacked petrol or diesel.

Shortages are created by precautionary full consumers, according to the oil sector, making sure stocks are full.

A number that needs to be put into perspective, however, as in October, at the height of the strikes at TotalEnergies and Esso-ExxonMobil refineries, 40% of gas stations were short.

For its part, the government wants to calm down and urges motorists not to panic. Amid strikers determined to continue their movement for oil-sector wages, the Energy Transition Ministry launched requisitions of “essential operations” personnel at several tank farms last October. An extreme solution that could perhaps be pulled out of the sheath again in the event of a new hard conflict.

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