Paul Blanco reveals he initially ‘ignored’ BTS RM’s Instagram DM but the reason is overly real kpop news

Paul Blanco reveals he initially ‘ignored’ BTS RM’s Instagram DM but the reason is overly real kpop news

Pour BTS MRHis first solo album was accompanied by some of his musical idols. The 10-track album that mixes genres, indigoIt featured nine great artists and brought the RM 20s to life.

RM the BTS | @rkive/Instagram

RM has collaborated with some of music’s greats, such as the “Queen of Neo Soul,” the legendary American singer-songwriter Erykah BaduPioneering Korean hip-hop artist, Epic bar tabledear industry veteran Park Ji Yoonveteran rock singer you jeenAmerican rapper, singer-songwriter Anderson paakand further.

(L to R) Jimin, V, RM and Jungkook from BTS, Anderson .Paak, Jin, J-Hope and Suga from BTS | @anderson._paak/Instagram

Another talented artist on the album is a rising star. Paul Whitea Korean-Canadian rapper and R&B artist known for his smooth vocals.

RM previously revealed that they reached out to Paul Blanco around 4am to see if he would be interested in working together. Blanco sent lines to RM around 12:00 the next day, surprising RM with his work ethic.

Paul White | @paulblancocobin/Instagram

Paul Blanco recently appeared on the Spectacle Psychopresented by the comic trio Lee Yong Joo, Jung Jae HyungOui Kim Min Soo.

During his episode, he spoke about being asked by RM to work on him indigo. RM previously shared DM screenshots with fans, but Paul Blanco gave fans a glimpse of how he reacted to a DM from one of the world’s biggest stars.


Blanco revealed that when he saw he’d received a notification from BTS leader RM, he purposely didn’t open it for 40 minutes to an hour to recover.

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He shared that it took him another 10 minutes to digest it when he finally opened the message and saw it was a request for collaboration.

II Spectacle Psycho The team hilariously shared that they could relate to it. When they first received calls from the BTS manager, they repeatedly ignored the call because it came from an unknown number.

RM with the hosts of the “PSICK SHOW”

Thankfully, Paul Blanco pulled himself together quickly and delivered the talented lines fans love on RM’s song “Closer.” indigo with Blanco and the British singer-songwriter and actress place.

Check out the article below to see RM’s reaction to working with Paul Blanco!

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