Participants suffer early withdrawal + 52 trainees remain Kpop News

Participants suffer early withdrawal + 52 trainees remain Kpop News

The fifth episode of Mnet’s survival program was broadcast and focused on eliminating candidates early, allowing 52 trainees to advance to the next round.

Read on to see what happened in Episode 5 of Boys Planet!

‘Boys Planet’ Episode 5: Participants Suffer Early Dropouts, 52 Trainees Stay On Schedule

After a fierce competition in Episode 4, in which Group K and Group G battled for strength, Group K prevailed after a 6-1 win over Group G. The groups performed songs by seven successful groups that made their mark on the K-pop genre.

His songs include SEVENTEEN’s “VERY NICE”, BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”, EXO’s “Love Me Right”, Wanna One’s “Burn It Up”, BTS’s “Danger”, Stray Kids’ “Back Door”. , and “Hot Sauce” by NCT ​​DREAM.

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After their rivalry, the 93 trainees experience their first packages at the trade fair.

In episode 5 of “Boys Planet” the first eliminations were revealed. A total of 41 trainees dropped out, which means that 53 of 93 trainees advanced to the next round. Star Master and actor Yeo Jin Goo had the honor of revealing the results.

Boys Planet Episode 5 Recap: Competitors suffer first eliminations + 52 trainees remain

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The announcement revealed that the first global Boys Planet voting period has been set in 176 countries. A total of 52,434,522 voices were recorded, and these voices were covered over a 20-day period.

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Yeon Jin Goo also said that the “killer part” of the group’s first song and solo track will be awarded to the trainee who takes the first place in the rankings, alongside the grand prize for the top nine finalists.


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At the climax of the episode, the top nine finalists were announced along with the remaining trainees who were still in the program.

After the eliminations are revealed, the trainees say goodbye to those who have been released from the program. However, the battle is far from over as the contestants will have to face more obstacles in the upcoming episodes.

Check out the top nine finalists below:

1. Sung Han Bin

2. Seok Matthew

3. Kim Ji Woong

4. Han Yu Jin

5. Zhang Hao

6. Kim Gyu Vin

7. Lee Hoe Taek

8. Keita

9. Jay

Remaining competitors:

10. Park Gun Wook

11. Kim TaeRae

12. Ricky

13. Lee DaEul

14. Kum Jun Hyeon



17. Yoo Seung Eon

18. Seo won

19. Antoine

20. Lee Seung-Hwan

21. Hiroto

22. Park Han Bin

23. Mun Jung Hyun

24. Behind Do Ha

25. Cha Woong Ki

26. Chen Kuan Jui

27. Jung-Min-Gyu

28. Olli

29. Wang Zi Hao

30. Lim Jun Seo

31. To Kamden

32. Ma Jingxiang

33.Dang Honghai

34. Oh Sung Min

35. Kong

36. Zhang Shuai Bo

37. Christian

38.Yoon Jongwoo

39. Lee Jeong Hyeon

40. Lee Dong Yeol

41. Brian

42. Barrage Lee Ye

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43. The tree

44. Park Ji Hoo

45. Chen Jian Yu

46. ​​Lee Hwan Hee

47. Ji Yun Seo

48. Lee Dong Gun

49. Park Hyun Summer

50. Cai Jin Xin

51. Choi Woo Jin

52. Jeong I Chan

What do you think of the top nine finalists? Who are you looking for among the 52 remaining candidates? Tell us in the comments below!

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