Paris: referendum organized for the maintenance of self-service electric scooters

Paris: referendum organized for the maintenance of self-service electric scooters

On Sunday April 2nd, Parisians will be called to vote to decide whether or not to keep the offer of self-service electric scooters in the capital. Mayor Anne Hidalgo will take the no side.

“Are we proceeding with self-service scooters or not?”. This is the question that Parisians will be asked to answer in a citizens’ referendum organized by the municipality on Sunday April 2nd.

For Anne Hidalgo and her election team, the balance is tipping in favor of the “no”. “But I will respect the vote of the Parisians,” she assured Le Parisien this Saturday. According to the first city council, a recent consultation defined the issue as “divisive” in the eyes of residents.

So why this advice? Because their use and parking are a problem for many residents. Accidents involving pedestrians are numerous, with a strong propensity for young people to ride in pairs, which is prohibited.

Mobility and Roads Assistant David Belliard discusses a question about the “value for money” of this offering of electric scooters. “It’s awkward, it’s dangerous,” he told AFP, while stressing his teams had “too much negative feedback.”

According to Anne Hidalgo, the problem is limited to self-service scooters, of which Dott, Lime and Tier are the three contracted operators. For them, what is also called “free floating” is “not green” and “employees are not properly protected” by companies. Personal equipment is not prohibited.

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In November, the operators proposed a series of 11 measures to ensure the use of the scooter in urban areas in view of the impending non-renewal of their contract (which must run until March, ed.).

These include a ban on under-18s, experiments with video verbalization, recognition on sidewalks and the establishment of an observatory to collect accident data.

Since November 24th, Dott, Lime and Tier have been registering vehicles and verifying the identity of users. What had welcomed the community.

In total, more than 1.2 million scooter riders were counted in the capital, 85% of whom are residents of the Ile-de-France. Their average age is 33 years.