Paris Fashion Week Has Started, How to Show at International Fashion Week?

Paris Fashion Week Has Started, How to Show at International Fashion Week?

Last March, the people of Indonesia were shocked by the news that a title from Indonesia had done something show fashion from Paristhe suspect claimed part of Paris Fashion Week.

This time, Paris Fashion Week, the annual festival organized by the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode, was followed by 106 brands from all over the world.

About 64 of them held physical fashion shows, and the rest held a combination of presentations/showrooms and digital shows. There are no brands from Indonesia included in the official calendar this season.

Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion (FHCM)

The FHCM is the official body in charge of the cosmetics industry in France. FHCM is a trade association with various fashion brands and fashion houses as members.

The FHCM is also the one that determines the membership (including terms and conditions), the Paris Fashion Week schedule (through the ChambreSyndicale de la Mode Féminine, the body responsible for women’s clothing), to the resolution of the authorization to use ‘haute couture’ . The name of the brand (by another body) under which it oversees the field of haute couture, namely the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture).

Currently, FHCM is led by Ralph Toledano as president, and Pascal Morand as executive director.

Paris Fashion Week Payment Terms

Not all brands included in the official calendar are permanent members of the FHCM.

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In order to participate in Paris Fashion Week (and be included in the official PFW calendar), the label must be a legal entity, have at least one business collection, and intend to be an official member of the PFW calendar in the long term, and it’s not just a brand that only makes accessories.

This brand must be registered on the platform provided by FHCM. Registration is open twice a year, and each year each member will be evaluated. Every season, FHCM will determine which brands can participate in the main event in the world of fashion.

This year, new entries in the official calendar for fashion shows are AWAKE Mode and Victoria Beckham from England, Weinsanto from France and Zimmermann from Australia. In order of presentation, there are Anna October from Ukraine, Boutet from France, and Ruohan from China.

In addition, Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Féminine also announced new members, namely Christian Wijnants, Gauchere, Off-White, Paul Smith, Rokh, Schiaparelli, Shang Xia, and Uma Wang.

Indonesian Brand at Paris Fashion Week

So far, only two designers from Indonesia have been included in the official Fashion Week calendar for runway shows, namely Harry Halim (Spring/Summer 2012) and Tex Saverio (Fall/Winter 2014/15).

Last season, Sean Sheila and Jewel Rocks were the two Indonesian brands chosen to participate in the showroom organized by FHCM, which is part of the campaign of ‘Indonesian Designers in Paris by L’Adresse Paris Agency’. For this season, Sean Sheila has reopened the showroom until October 3.

In addition to the names above, there are many labels from Indonesia that have opened showrooms, held in Paris outside the fashion week, or during the Paris Fashion Week but not part of the official (time-out), both for ready-to-wear collections, accessories, and jewelry.

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For the couture collection, there is Didit Hediprasetyo, which until now is the only label that shows regularly in Paris.


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