Pantin: Renamed Pantine, the city has already lost its “e”.

Pantin: Renamed Pantine, the city has already lost its “e”.

Pantin was renamed Pantine as a sign of the commitment of this town of Seine-Saint-Denis (93) to equality between men and women. A decision that doesn’t seem to please everyone, as days after the addition of an “E” to the city’s official logo, installed in giant letters in front of “Dock B”, it was torn down.

“Pantine’s E was ripped from its base overnight from Friday to Saturday,” testified a resident of the city, supporting a photo of the logo – installed in front of the general stores along the Ourcq canal not far from the port of Pantine. Explains to him that the “E” is “deposited next to the skate park” a few meters away.

An act of vandalism that follows Socialist Mayor Bertrand Kern’s decision to add an “E” to the city’s name to “challenge” and thereby, as he puts it, “create an awareness of this equality between women and men that is not yet perfect, although there have been improvements in recent years”.

The councilwoman had announced the novelty in a video broadcast on the city’s various social networks and wanted to “place the desires of the community under the aegis of equality between women and men and the fight against violence against women”. A temporary change of identity, decided for a year and purely symbolic, which did not please everyone.

Only the giant letters of the name “Pantin” placed in this place have been altered to the extent that any other change would have required an official change in the city’s toponymy and the preparation of a file with the Ministry of Culture Territorial Communities, which will then be submitted for expert review .

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