Pakistani teenagers found after running away to meet BTS in South Korea Soompi

Pakistani teenagers found after running away to meet BTS in South Korea Soompi

Some fans sometimes go too far. Luckily everything went well this time.

On January 7, two teenage girls, aged 13 and 14, who lived in Karachi, Pakistan, disappeared. The older of the two had come to visit the younger before the two went outside. When the youngest’s father returned from a trip and asked to see his daughter, the family told him that she had gone out with her friend. Then he went out to see them, but they were nowhere to be found.

After several hours of unsuccessful searches, the police were finally called to find the girls because the father feared that they had been kidnapped or that someone was after them.

Upon searching the family home, officers soon discovered that the girls had planned to travel as far as South Korea to meet BTS.

Train timetables were found in the computers, along with other data suggesting they had fled on their own. A search of their WhatsApp accounts and their deleted search history also revealed this because they had started searches like: “What to avoid in South Korea” or “What clothes to wear in South Korea? “.

After several days of intensive searching, the two teenagers were finally found in Lahore, a city more than 1200 km from their home.

After riding the train disguised as boys, they were arrested by the police when they tried to hide on the train. Authorities said they were in miserable condition after their nearly 20-hour train journey.

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They were therefore eventually found safe and sound and returned to their homes safely.

However, the two teenagers expressed that they made the decision to flee because of their parents’ indifference to their interests and wanted to make their lives in South Korea.

Luckily nothing happened to them, but they took a lot of risks and really put themselves in danger. The situation clearly could have gone wrong, but luckily for her, all that ends well is good.

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