Overcome insecurities with hair styles with TRESemmé

Overcome insecurities with hair styles with TRESemmé

TRUTH, brand quality hairdressing developed by a professional team launched TRESemmé Professional Hair Studio located on the first floor, Lippo Mall Kemang. This style is here to change styleespecially hairdressing, like encourage confidence same to you strengthening so that professional women can be confident in finding a job, especially for those who have time off from work.

Lika Satvarini as a Professional Coach and Professional Coach explains, “Confidence is the biggest investment that women have to overcome various insecurities. Apart from keeping yourself updated professionally, it is very important to make fashion a part of your brand because it can create a first impression and create a positive perception.”

“This is in line with the theory where Visuals, that is style and body language dominate the successful communication of people, followed by Vocal, and Verbal. These 3V’s can increase people’s trust in us, where this trust can be found from positive. first through ‘Know-Like’ -Trust’ Not only cosmetics, hairdressing is one of the main things that support women’s style when they return to the working world.

Overcome insecurities with hair styles with TRESemmé Popbela.com/TRESemmé

Understanding this need, TRESemmé Professional Hair Studio provides strengthening reaching out to all young professional women – regardless of their hair type, hair and appearance, even those who wear hijab – through #TRESformation: various places and services that help for them to change and prepare. style better job search.

This salon is headed by a professional hairstylist named Diana Hadisuwarno. He commented, “Hair style can really define a person’s image, especially those who work in the professional world. The TRESemmé Professional Hair Studio team has the expertise and experience to advise and transform hair into professional styles that match the energy and different aspects of the work of modern women. “

Overcome insecurities with hair styles with TRESemmé Popbela.com/TRESemmé

In particular, this change can be directly permanent inside photo booth which is available. Pictures that can be printed directly or printeddownload This will be very useful as a reference for preparation style better in the coming days, or to improve your CV or profile on your LinkedIn account.

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Other tools are look at yourself and tips on hair styling, and a #TRESMasterclass session to inspire them to make sure their hair is ‘on’ when they return to work. There is also a machine called #TRESVendingMachine that makes it easy for users of many TRESemmé products, so that they can take care of their hair professionally at home as if they were at a professional.

Overcome insecurities with hair styles with TRESemmé Popbela.com/TRESemmé

TRESemmé hopes that all the support we provide through the TRESemmé Professional Hair Studio can be part of the support system for all women who want to return to the world of work to fulfill their dreams. We will be here until December 31, 2022 to help them change their lifestyle, and unleash their confidence!” near the Princess.

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