“Our music video isn’t getting as many views as expected,” BoA received mixed reactions after telling GOT The Beat fans

“Our music video isn’t getting as many views as expected,” BoA received mixed reactions after telling GOT The Beat fans

SM Entertainment’s girl supergroup GOT The Beat made their comeback on January 16th with the title track “Stamp On It”.

Many fans were excited about their return, some were disappointed with the title which they felt was a bit “old fashioned”, others were also disappointed that BoA didn’t seem to give 100% during the dance break.


As the center of the group, you stand out right away by being the center of attention and having different strides… but you also need to balance the energy a bit… I’m not an expert or a pro, that’s my point of view. #got #gotthebeat #girlsontop #karina #winter #BoA #taeyeon #wendy #seulgi #Hyolyn #sm

♬ Stamp on it – GOT the beat

Despite so many amazing talents in one group, the fans don’t seem to have been very present and the number of views for their new track’s music video barely exceeded 5 million views, which is not enough for a group of this size.

"Our music video is not getting as many views as expected"BoA receives mixed reactions after his words to GOT The Beat fans

The members themselves seem to be aware of the low number of views, because after the group’s appearance on M Countdown, BoA said:

“Our music video isn’t getting as many views as we expected. Please check it out! Happy New Year. And take care of yourself. Thanks very much! »

While his words sound pretty innocent, they were met with mixed reactions from fans across various online communities. Some of the most popular comments are:

  • “GOT was made for them (BoA) but that just made them more boring to me. And then the views for a kpop group without ads are normal. »
  • “BoA… why do you say that?” That makes me sick”
  • “We can respect BoA and what brought her to kpop, but also criticize her when she’s wrong. This band is just a weird tribute to them and once is ok but now we’re tired. »
  • “It doesn’t bother me unless it turns into guilt.
  • Idols are allowed to express their thoughts on album comeback and sales. But at the same time, some have to be realistic about their fandom, because there’s not much that fandom can do. »
  • The fan who tweeted about BoA said it was weird mainly because the audience was packed with SNSD/RV/Aespa fans so it was basically sunbae trying to blame other artist fandoms for trying theirs to spread cooperation. »
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However, others don’t believe she meant any harm and came to her defense, saying she was simply honest about sharing her feelings with fans.

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