“Our beginnings are so vivid” • Kpopnews

“Our beginnings are so vivid” • Kpopnews

Actress Moon Ga-young paid tribute to the late Moon Bin.

On the 22nd, Moon Ga-young posted on her Instagram: “All the moments where we started and I suddenly looked up at you towering over me are alive.” accompanied by photos.

In one of the photos, young Moon Ga-young and the late Moon Bin posed together. In the past they worked together as child models.

In another photo, the two adults were captured. In the photo, Moon Ga-young leaned against Moon Bin and stared at the camera.

Moon Ga-young and the late Moon Bin appeared together on tvN’s “Shick Vengers” in 2020. At the time, Lunar Trash couldn’t hide her astonishment and said: “I feel like I know nothing about human life. I met her (Moon Ga-young) when we were ideal kids.


Moon Ga-young also drew attention, saying: “No, we always took (model) photos together.”

Netizens sent comforting messages to Moon Ga-young, who first had to say goodbye to Moon Bin, saying“It’s so heartbreaking”, “I think it will be even more tearful because they knew each other from a young age”, “I hope Moon Bin is happy in heaven”, “Stay strong Ga-Young.”

Moon Bin, who was a member of ASTRO group and also worked as an actor, died on the 19th at his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

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