Once dirty and dirty, these 5 rivers have become the clearest on Earth

Once dirty and dirty, these 5 rivers have become the clearest on Earth


River it is something that has long played an important role in human civilization. Unfortunately, many rivers are neglected and become polluted.

However, there are no other rivers in the world that have been able to maintain the cleanliness and purity of their water. In fact, many rivers are famous for their clean water.

Many of these rivers later earned the title of the cleanest river in the world and became destinations tourism. Launch page iBanPlasticHere are the five cleanest and cleanest rivers in the world and their differences.

1. River Thames, England

The tourist attraction, the London Eye (L), and the Houses of Parliament (R) are shown as landmarks along the River Thames in central London on November 5, 2017. (Photo by NIKLAS HALE'N / AFP)The River Thames in London, England. (Photo: AFP/NIKLAS HALE’N)

The blessed Thames is known as the cleanest river in the world and is a source of pride for Londoners. In fact, this river is in the middle of a crowded city, but it still maintains its cleanliness.

In particular, the Thames River, which is hailed as the cleanest river in the world, was once considered a “dead river”. This means that the pollution of the river is so high that all the creatures in the river die.

In fact, it is believed that the Thames water was one of the factors that caused the outbreak of cholera at that time because the river was used to get drinking water.

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This is the reason why the local government takes care of the river with various efforts and encourages the local residents to take care of it. As a result, the Thames is now the cleanest river in the world.

2. Tara River, Europe

It is the second cleanest river in the world River Tara that stretches in the mountains in Europe, right in the mountains of Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

With abundant flora and fauna, the Tara River, located in the Durmitor Forest, is considered one of the cleanest rivers in the world. The Tara River is one of the rivers protected by UNESCO under the World Heritage Sites and World Heritage Sites.

3. River St. Croix, USA

One of the cleanest rivers in the world, the St. Croix, is a part of the National Scenic River under the protection of the Department of Parks or the Commission.

The St. Croix River is a part of the Mississippi River that reaches about 264 kilometers across the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota in North America. The river was the source of electricity for the Minneapolis area of ​​St Paul.

The St Croix River once held the rank of the dirtiest river in the 1830s due to the lumber industry and transportation industry. In 1915, the community took over the task of cleaning up the river and slowly revived it with great care.

4. Torne River, Europe

The Torne River, which runs through northern Sweden and Finland, is listed as one of the cleanest rivers in the world. Half of the river is the border of the two countries, namely Sweden and Finland, it is the largest river in the Norrbotten region.

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The river is still maintained and clean to this day because there are hardly any places to live on either side. The nearest settlement is the village of Kurravaara, about 12 km from the Torne River, northeast of Kiruna.

5. Caragh River, Europe

Set in the lush green and rich farmland of southwest Ireland, the Caragh River ranks first in the list of cleanest rivers in the world.

Expired by the National Conservation Act, the river has experienced little pollution throughout its history. River Caragh is home to a number of marine species and has become known as the number one fishing spot in the country.


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