On the day The Glory Part 2 was released, Lim Ji Yeon dropped These Words

On the day The Glory Part 2 was released, Lim Ji Yeon dropped These Words

On the afternoon of March 10, Lim Ji Yeon posted to Instagram a photo taken while playing Park Yeon Jin in Glory, along with a strange caption. Most importantly, the actress cheerfully encouraged people to watch The Glory Part 2 with the short message. “Yeon Jin, the day you died is today.”

So far, netizens and fans have shown explosive reactions to Lim Ji Yeon’s sensible words. Meanwhile, other actors like Shin Jae Ha and Lee Dong Hwi also caught the eye by replying to Lim Ji Yeon’s post by saying, ” Yeon Jin-ah, I won’t go that far.” etc “Yeon Jin-ah, I’m doomed too.”

In addition, the official Netflix Korea account left a comment saying, “Dear Yeon Jin, Let’s meet at 5pm on Netflix.cause laughter.

Here are some comments from internet users:

  • Yeon Jin-ah, you will fail, right??
  • Yes, Yeon Jin-ah, let’s all slowly fail together.
  • Yeon Jin-ah, I’m so excited right now
  • See you later Yeon Jin-ah
  • Yeon Jin-ah, I’ve been waiting from January 12th to today, March 10th. It’s been hard getting this far, but it’s fun to come here. Until today, I’ll wait
  • Here you can see the popularity of “The Glory”

On the other hand, screenwriter Kim Eun Sook previously said during a GA event that episodes 9 and 10 of The Glory might be slow, but episode 11 onwards will be more fun. Director Ahn Gil Ho, meanwhile, expressed his great pride and promised that the ending of “The Glory” would not suffer any loss in quality.

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It is expected that “The Glory”, which was popular around the world in Part 1, will surprise everyone again by showing its potential in Part 2.

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