On National Day of the Deaf, Technology Plays an Important Role in Helping Deaf Friends to Become Empowered

On National Day of the Deaf, Technology Plays an Important Role in Helping Deaf Friends to Become Empowered

Evant Christina works as a content writer. This 33-year-old woman can only handle 20-30% of sound through hearing aids. However, Christy has shown that her deafness will not prevent her from working professionally.

While working at Campaign.com, Christy used technological advances to support her work, such as Google Workspace, Slack, and WhatsApp.

“Whenever there’s something I don’t understand, I ask them (the Campaign.com team) to repeat the explanation or answer without fear. I was helped by chats on Google Meet and closed captions on Zoom that were handwritten by participants. To communicate, not just by typing in the chat column, I hear lip/oral language a little bit to make it easier for my friends to understand what I have to offer. Apart from that, I also use the web title on my laptop,” he said.

Laras Sabila Putri, Communications Manager at Campaign.com, said that this partnership is proof that Campaign.com ensures equality in the work environment and becomes an inclusive workplace. As a platform for social work, equality is one of the topics that Campaign.com focuses on along with 3 other topics, namely education, health and the environment.

“This collaboration is going smoothly because Campaign.com tries to prepare all the needs carefully, especially the communication rules in the workplace. One of them is by making a presentation so that the team members understand how to greet, interact , and to work skillfully with friends with disabilities. This is done so that there are no misunderstandings, and the value of mutual respect is always maintained,” said Laras.

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Not only Christy, Bella Tamira Putri also trained at Campaign.com. Bella is a disabled person who is part of a design team. With the passion and ability he has, he shows his work by organizing the contents of the social media.

“Friendly colleagues and mentors and a great environment made me really happy to train at Campaign.com,” said Bella.

According to Christy’s story, Bella also confronted the stranger with ‘I’m sorry for you, although you are beautiful and young but you have a way’. These words really hurt her.

However, instead of being angry and sad, Bella chooses to make peace with her situation. Therefore, Bella hopes that public spaces that are friendly to people with disabilities will increase.

Seeing the discrimination that many people with disabilities still face, Campaign.com together with Mates Jiwa started the #HumanUnik campaign on the Campaign #ForChange application which can be followed online. Through the #ManusiaUnik campaign, people can recognize, accept, and develop their own strengths and weaknesses.

The procedure is very simple, users need to download the Campaign #ForChange application on the App Store or Google Play Store, then search for the #HumanUnik campaign and complete 4 tasks according to the instructions. By completing this challenge, it means a donation of IDR 20,000 supported by the INDIKA foundation for the adaptation program. This campaign will run until January 29, 2023.