On “Boys Planet,” K-pop fans wonder how Cube Entertainment keeps letting its most talented trainees go

On “Boys Planet,” K-pop fans wonder how Cube Entertainment keeps letting its most talented trainees go

planet boys He has already shown great talent among his competitors. While most viewers seem to have their own personal favorites at the moment, there’s also one couple who have generally stood out from the crowd so far.

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And some of the better-known candidates, viewers learned, are former apprentices of entertainment cube.

One of those candidates is Han bin sung. now weak GL1DE STUDIOThe former Cube Entertainment trainee has already won the hearts of many with his phenomenal acting skills and eye-catching looks.

He took first place in the first three episodes of planet boysmaking him a possible candidate for the show’s final cast at this point.

Han bin sung

Seik Matthew is another former Cube Entertainment trainee involved planet boys, and even formed together with Sung Hanbin while the two were under their former label. Now in EntertainmentHe represents his current company while participating in the survival program.

It was ranked #5 on the second episode of planet boysThis makes the Canadian the current highest-ranking competitor in the show’s global group.

Seik Matthew

Another Hanbin park hanbin – He was also recently confirmed as a former Cube Entertainment trainee. now it is low AWAKENand although he didn’t make the top nine in the first two episodes of planet boysHe still has many fans due to his talent and good looks.

And another WAKEONE intern now on the show, Park Minseokformed before his current label at Cube Entertainment.

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And of course there is i run away. While still an artist representing Cube Entertainment while participating in it planet boysyour future with PENTAGON is currently unknown. The fact that he’s primarily for trainees on the survival show has caused confusion and confusion among fans, and it’s understandable.

The fact that all these former Cube Entertainment trainees are generally attending and doing well planet boys gets the fans talking. A Reddit post was made discussing the matter and it also mentioned other former label trainees such as SMSIt is Yeonjun, GuardianIt is Yujin (still technically an artist under Cube, but with an uncertain future there) and 19It is seungun.

What Boys Planet taught me is that Cube can’t keep his best talents.
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People seem to find it strange and unsettling how Cube Entertainment manages to let so many obviously talented trainees and artists go.

The list of former Cube interns planet boys it’s actually even longer than most people probably realise!

It’s been a while since Cube Entertainment released their latest boy band, PENTAGON debuted in 2016, so it will be interesting to see if the label forms a new boy band with their current trainees in the near future. .