OMEGA X Members Release Original Soundtracks For New BL Drama ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’

OMEGA X Members Release Original Soundtracks For New BL Drama ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’

OMEGA X members were involved in the composition and performance of three original soundtracks for a new drama BL (Boys’ Love). A shoulder to cry on. Based on a popular webtoon, A shoulder to cry on features the two main characters of OMEGA X members JAEHAN and YECHAN. For the original drama soundtracks, OMEGA X members JAEHAN and HANGYEOM were involved in composition, and members TAEDONG, XEN, JAEHAN and HWICHAN were involved in recording.

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The first of the three tracks is “Come together”, a rock genre track co-written and performed by JAEHAN. The focus of the song is pure love, reaching to the ends of the earth with no strings attached. The second is You once again (You again)” Co-written by OMEGA X leader JAEHAN and performed by TAEDONG, XEN and JAEHAN, this track emphasizes a strong sense of love as it reaches its climax. And finally HANGYEOM wrote WEHOT with his composer team Even when I’m taking a break OK (Comfort)” which is carried out by JAEHAN and HWICHAN. This track hopes to convey a message of comfort to all those who are struggling with their worries and problems.

These three original soundtracks will also be released in English in the hope that English speakers will resonate fully with the tracks when watching the drama. A shoulder to cry on is now available to stream via Wavve, WATCHA and TVING in Korea and Rakuten Viki outside of Korea.

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