OMEGA X announces victory in lawsuit against SPIRE Entertainment Soompi

OMEGA X announces victory in lawsuit against SPIRE Entertainment Soompi

OMEGA X has won an important victory against its agency in court!

Abandoned by their CEO in Los Angeles, mistreated by the latter, who has since resigned, the OMEGA X have suffered greatly at the hands of their agency, which is demanding millions of euros from them. Text messages were revealed and members said CEO Kang touched them without their consent.

OMEGA X then recently held a press conference to unveil the truth of what they were experiencing, but also to announce their desire to terminate their contract with their agency, Spire Entertainment.

This was also known afterwards The CEO was still working at the agency preparing new male trainees for their debut.

While members’ access to the fan cafe was recently suspended and the agency claimed it was a restructuring, OMEGA X members had previously created an Instagram account to have more freedom to express themselves without their agency tracking their every move supervised.

Then, on January 11, 2023, OMEGA X announced that they had won their lawsuit against SPIRE Entertainment to seek an injunction to suspend their contract with the agency.

The band announced:

“Hello, this is OMEGA X.

Today we won the lawsuit we brought against our agency to suspend the validity of our contract.

We did it, thanks to all of you who encouraged us.

Thank you for taking care of us and supporting us so far.

FOR X, we sincerely love you and thank you.

We will return it to you in the future with even better music and admirable performances.

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