Olympic Games 2024: “Olympists” to connect the Olympic sites

Olympic Games 2024: “Olympists” to connect the Olympic sites

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced in her wishes to elected officials that cycle lanes will soon be built in the region, linking the main venues of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. They are called “Olympists” and remain “legacy” after the Olympics.

At the request of the cycling federations, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, announced earlier this year the creation of new cycle paths that will connect the Olympic sites between Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis, where numerous infrastructures are located. Olympic Games Paris 2024.

New bike lanes

“At the beginning of February we will also unveil the map of the “Olympists” that the cycling federations have proposed to us and with which we will work closely,” announced Anne Hidalgo this Tuesday, January 10, explaining that this was the case about “new tracks” that “connect the Olympic sites” and “last after the Games”.

In addition, the elected socialist announced the construction of “45 kilometers of cycle lanes” for 2023, some of which are already under construction, for example on Rue du Renard in central Paris, on Rue Lafayette in the 9th and 10th arrondissement or on Avenue Parmentier in the 11th

And the mayor listed all the other avenues that should also see the light of day this year: “Boulevard du Palais in central Paris, on Boulevard Saint-Michel and Rue Saint-Jacques at 5th, Rue de Londres at 8th ., avenue d “Ivry in the 13th, avenue du Général Leclerc in the 14th, rue de Vaugirard in the 15th, rue du Général Niox in the 16th and even rue de Meaux in the 19th arrondissement”.

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A “Street Code” written in parallel.

Aware of the tensions that exist in Paris today between all the different users of public space, be they pedestrians, drivers, cyclists or even scooter riders, the City Council plans to draft a “Code of Street” announced for June 2023 would.

Referring to one of the main concerns of the Parisians, which “concerns road safety and the difficult coexistence of pedestrians, cyclists, scooters, taxis, vans and buses”, Anne Hidalgo assessed that “it was not wrong” and wished the problems were solved “fixed”.

This is precisely what this “road code” must serve, which she called “the declination of our national road code in Paris”. “The Citizens’ Assembly has already started to work on it,” she added, explaining that the issue will be “taken forward directly, starting in the month of February, a first major meeting bringing together residents, experts, public and private partners” .