Old photos of ‘The Glory’ actor Jung Sung Il prove he’s getting sexier with age

Old photos of ‘The Glory’ actor Jung Sung Il prove he’s getting sexier with age

Actor Jung sang it went viral as “the new daddy in town » since the release of NetflixIt is Fame Part 2.

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Jung Sung Il’s beauty blends with his mysterious yet charismatic presence Fame, it made him a worthy actor, and netizens made that clear.

Jung Sung Il was born in 1980 and began his acting career in 1999 starring in plays such as Let go, pure foil, Brother’s Night and many more. He has also acted in several musicals such as get orff work at 6, Next to, etc Interview, show off their singing and dancing skills.

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He also played minor roles in K movies and dramas, such as the 2008 film, a frozen flower where he played a royal guard, and the 2009 K-drama Iljimae’s returnwhere he played a character named Kotaro.

Jung Sung Il a Iljimae’s return | KBS

However, for a long time he was an unknown actor. After making his debut at the age of 20, Jung Sung Il was not well known to the public until he was in his 40’s and starred in the film NTV K drama weird 2 like the role of Park Sang Mu. He then rose to prominence with his roles in K-Dramas. Moonlight, bad and crazyetc our blues. After all, he won all our hearts with his remarkable work Famearound 23 years after his acting debut.

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Jung Sung Il a our blues | NTV

Jung Sung Il’s beauty didn’t go unnoticed thanks to his phenomenal acting Fame– and his old portraits show that he has always been handsome. As his acting career and skills have improved over the years and old photos of him show that he only gets better with time.

Here are some of his old photos.

Her previous appearances in shows, plays, films and musicals also show that one thing has not changed: her beauty.

The Big Break-in by Jung Sung Il Fame This is just the beginning for this hard-working actor, who’s been persevering for over 20 years – he deserves all the credit and we can’t wait to see him in future productions!