Oh My Girl Arin, Red Velvet Joy, plus an encore! • Kpopnews

Oh My Girl Arin, Red Velvet Joy, plus an encore! • Kpopnews

In K-pop, several conditions are necessary to become an idol. These are the aspects talent, personality and appearance. While all idols have a unique look, there are some artists who have managed to turn heads with their adorable looks.

Here are 8 female K-pop idols who can turn heads with their alluring faces!

1. Oh my daughter Arin

(Photo: Arin (Instagram))

While Arin is the youngest member or maknae of Oh My Girl, she is also known for her goddess visuals. Arin also manages to steal everyone’s interest with his aura added by his undeniable passion for the band’s performances.

2. Red velvet joy

Red Velvet Joy and aespa Karina were spotted in it

(Photo: Joie (iMBC))

Red Velvet’s “Miss Sexy Dynamite” Joy has proven time and time again that she is indeed a visual character. Aside from her striking presence, the idol has shown fans that her looks are top-notch whenever her presence is spotted. As can be seen through her social media posts, with her alluring looks and gorgeous smile, Joy also knows how to do anything in style.

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(Photo: Facebook: SSERAFIM)

Kazuha from THE SSERAFIM is the guy that immediately springs to mind when it comes to Gen 4 visuals. Kazuha’s looks are always stunning, catching the attention of South Korean cosmetics brand Etude House. Kazuha was signed as the new face of the brand.

4. Jennie from BLACKPINK

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(Photo: Jennie (News1))

While the members of BLACKPINK are all visuals, Jennie’s distinctive facial features still draw the attention of fans and non-fans alike. With her wild cat eyes and puffy cheeks, Jennie never fails to impress BLINKs.

Jennie’s looks are particularly effective in her photo shoots. The idol is known to be associated with Chanel, Calvin Klein, Hera and many more!

5.SNSD Taeyeon


(Photo: Instagram: @taeyeon_ss)

It’s a common notion that Taeyeon is best known for her killer voice. But its visuals are also highly regarded. With her gorgeous eyes and flawless features, Taeyeon can certainly smash any list of prejudices with her looks!

6. Jung Chaeyeon

Jung Chaeyeon

(Photo: Instagram: @j_chaeyeoni)

Fans may recall how memorable Jung Chaeyeon’s images were during his time at DIA and IOI. With her current activities as a singer and actress, netizens are still amazed by Chaeyeon’s beauty.

7. TWICE Nayeon

TWICE Nayeon, dreamy fairy beauty

(Photo: Nayeon’s Instagram)

TWICE’s “Bunny” Nayeon draws all eyes to her whenever she appears. With her sweet cheeks and signature buck teeth, fans can’t count the number of times Nayeon has lived up to her nickname.

TWICE is known for giving each member equal exposure in terms of screen time and line distribution. However, Nayeon’s gorgeous personality and looks are factors that have led her to become the center of the group.

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8. New Minji jeans

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(Photo: Minji (XSports News))

In NewJeans, fans appreciate Minji’s natural beauty and are quick to praise her angelic face. In one instance, photos from Minji’s fan page went viral for their impeccable looks.

Do you know other girl group members with flashy faces? Let us know in the comments below!

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