OG “Ulzzang” Han Su Hyun reportedly called out Kang Min Kyung amid controversy

OG “Ulzzang” Han Su Hyun reportedly called out Kang Min Kyung amid controversy

Youtuber Han Su Hyunknown as one of the originals Ulzzangs (influencers who became famous for their looks) reportedly screamed kang min kyung amid his ongoing controversy over underpaying his employees.

Han Suhyun | @hansuhyun_/Instagram

Han Su Hyun recently uploaded an Instagram story insulting a famous celebrity.

A keyboard warrior who wrote mean comments about me became a famous celebrity, but I guess people don’t change.

– Han Su-hyun

| @hansuhyun_/Instagram

Netizens claimed that the former ulzzang The star called out to Kang Min Kyung for allegedly apologizing for Kang Min Kyung writing malicious comments about the influencer before she became a celebrity.

Kang Min Kyung reportedly once wrote that Han Su Hyun “looks cheapas well as other demeaning comments. Kang Min Kyung reportedly wrote the comments while she was still studying and before her debut.

Kang Min Kyung | @iammingki/Instagram

Kang Min Kyung is currently facing significant backlash over allegations that she overworked her employees and allegedly paid them well below industry standards.

Controversy erupted when a job posting for Kang Min Kyung’s fashion brand surfaced. yes muah gone viral. Kang Min Kyung, meanwhile, has responded to the controversy by saying that the salary listed in the original job posting incorrectly reflects the salary of a young professional.

Netizens have slammed Kang Min Kyung’s response to staff pay controversy

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