Often Misunderstood, These 4 Personality Traits I Cover

Often Misunderstood, These 4 Personality Traits I Cover

stylediacreativo.com, Jakarta Being in any relationship with someone who has a closed personality can be frustrating. Fimela’s friends may want to know them better, closer, but there are boundaries around them that you cannot cross.

However, you are smart enough not to get too busy because you know they don’t like you. They just have a closed personality.

Well, to know them, it would be better if you need to know the behavior of people who don’t have secrets. Like what? Come on, check out more below.

They Can Be Small

The world is spinning and life is happening around them, but they are content to sit and watch from afar. Before you get frustrated, consider the possibility that they didn’t do it to upset you.

Most of them freeze when they make a decision because they have learned that it will not cause problems. They have lost faith in themselves to have the ability to make the right choices. It could be because their parents are perfectionists who always judge every decision that could be detrimental to them.

They play it safe to avoid conflict

This is similar to the topic above but instead of actions it is about how they express their thoughts, ideas and feelings. When you ask for their honest answer about something, they may want to give a positive answer. Sometimes it feels like they are saying things just to make you happy. They are similar to any dominant sign because they know best what best expresses their thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

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