“Oasis” announced a hit teen drama from the first episode on KpopNews.com

“Oasis” announced a hit teen drama from the first episode on KpopNews.com

Three young people from “Oasis” dominated the small screen. A job well done with warm messages, depth and emotion is expected.

In the first episode of KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Oasis” (written by Jung Hyung Soo, directed by Han Hee) on March 6, the story of youth in the 80’s-90’s revolving around the characters Oh Jung Shin (Seol in Ah), Lee Doo Hak (Jang Dong Youn) and Choi Chul Woong (Choo Young Woo) started it off.

These teenagers were passionate and sweet young people from the 80’s. The beautiful Oh Jung Shin was the idol of many male students.

There were two young people who had their eyes on Jung Shin. Doo Hak and Chul Woong were long friends due to their family situation, but indirectly they were master and servant. Doo Hak thought his father owed Chul Woong’s house money, so he unknowingly treated Chul Woong like a young master.


Though Doo Hak had a brilliant brain, he still had to make his case for Chul Woong, who didn’t want to lose. Jung Shin, who accepted the two as friends, spent his teenage years comfortably and happily with them.

Jung Shin said she would make the person she loves her boyfriend after watching them for a year. The two young men fought in their own way to get Jung Shin’s attention.


Meanwhile, a situation arose when Doo Hak defeated Chul Woong and became the best student in the school. Chul Woong, who didn’t want to lose, showed his competitiveness by saying “You were trying to get 1st place because of Jung Shin, weren’t you?”.

How will the relationship between the two friends, whose friendship is stronger than kinship, develop in the face of their new love Oh Jung Shin? What will Jung Shin’s life be like when she finds herself between these two men? This is where the intense growing pains of these three people began.

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Set in Korea’s turbulent history from the 1980s to the 1990s, this drama tells the story of three young people who fight bitterly to protect their own dreams, friendships and the only first love in their lives.


Actors Jang Dong Yoon, Choo Young Woo and Seol In Ah began to win the hearts of viewers by portraying different faces with different emotions, jealousy, passion, love and friendship. As “Youth of May” has been loved by viewers, attention is turning to whether this youth drama, which also depicts stories from a similar era, will also receive compliments as a well-made work. .

Source: Daum