Nutriville Is A Healthy Drink That Boosts Skin Strength

Nutriville Is A Healthy Drink That Boosts Skin Strength

Skin health has become a priority for people – especially women – who are in their 30s. Understanding this, PT Asia Health Energy Beverage (AHEB) has launched a collagen drink product called Nutriville. This nutritional content has been confirmed thrive in South Korea because it is useful for making the skin look young.

We concluded that we launched a product called Nutriville. This product is a collagen drink. One can of Nutriville contains 500 mg of collagen and vitamin C.Said Ricky Suhendar, Chief Commercial Officer of PT AHEB.

Appoint Son Ye Jin the ambassador’s sign

PT AHEB also appointed actress Son Ye Jin as ambassador signr. The star of the show Crash Landing on You It has been reported that he has been interested in consuming collagen products since he was young. It’s no surprise, his skin still remains healthy and beautiful over time.

To me, taking care of yourself is very important as the first step to loving yourself in general. Therefore, it is important to exercise, drink plenty of water, follow a healthy diet, and take collagen. I have felt the benefits of taking NutriVille regularly for several weeks. I have loved drinking collagen drinks since I was little, that’s why when NutriVille asked me to be a brand ambassador, I was very happy. First, I believe in the health benefits of NutriVille. Second, I am also happy to be close to my loved ones in Indonesia,” said the actress who was born in 1982.

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Modern healthy drink

According to Lee Jeong Hoon, who is responsible for the official launch of Nutriville, South Koreans are famous for focusing on what they eat. Collagen itself is clinically proven to be able to overcome many aging problems on the skin.

There have been many studies that prove that taking collagen supplements can help increase the amount of collagen in the body. He stated that using 2.5 g of collagen peptide per day, for 60 – 90 days can help to improve hydration and elasticity and reduce wrinkles, increase fibroblast bioactivity and collagen synthesis, protect cell function from damage caused by UVA, feed digestion like a field. , so that it can improve sarcopenia, arthritis, heal wounds, and strengthen the immune system,said Dr. Yohan Samudra, SpGK, AIFO-K.

A 2019 study of 11 studies with a total of 805 patients used collagen hydrolyzed, 2.5 g-10 g / day, for 8-24 weeks, for the treatment of pressure ulcers, xerosis, skin aging, and cellulite. Two other studies used collagen tripeptide, 3 g/day for 4 to 12 weeks. Oral collagen supplements appear to be effective in wound healing and skin aging by increasing skin elasticity, hydration and collagen of the skin.

Another study, a meta-analysis, in 2021 targeted a total of 1,125 participants aged between 20 and 70 years (95% women). Results show that hydrolyzed collagen increases skin moisture, elasticity, and reduces wrinkles over 90 days of use.

Therefore, Nutriville comes in a practical and modern form. There are two flavor options, viz lemon same to you grapes. A touch of soda also gives a pleasant effect, especially when drunk cold. Also, reusable packaging is the point and different for this product.

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You can find Nutriville now in small shops or supermarkets near you located in Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi, you know, Alas! If you want it to be more useful, you can order it in large quantities online market. Let’s goImmediately stock Nutriville at home!

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