Nuit Blanche: what is the program for the 2023 edition?

Nuit Blanche: what is the program for the 2023 edition?

Unlike previous years, when the Nuit Blanche took place on the first Saturday in October, this year it will take place on June 3rd. But what awaits us on this magical night?

On this first weekend of June and for the first time in the colors of spring, the bright white night will amaze you! For the second time in a row it’s time Kitty Hartl Who is in charge of the artistic direction of this evening under the seal of a crazy idea: the encounter between contemporary art and Parisians.

But this event that the His as a guest of honor is not limited to the capital. The mythical river is in fact the leitmotif of the night and, like the poster, is decorated in the bright colors of an imaginary jungle. The white night extends beyond the borders of the ring road to the Parisian suburbs, to Rouen and Le Havre. But this twenty-one-year-old tradition has seduced many countries around the world for its unique charm and the benefits it offers. Because yes! Not only is the White Night entertaining because it’s free, it also offers everyone the opportunity to have access to all kinds of art and shows for a few unforgettable hours! Thus, all purses, from the smallest to the largest, can be equally touched by the fantastical displays they are given to admire.

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Environmentally conscious, committed to equality and support to associations that help people with disabilities, the Nuit Blanche is committed every year to a unique and ever-evolving adventure, now with opera, circus, dance, new technologies…

This 2023 will also see new places open to the public, such as the Small palace, conservatories, libraries… The goal is to multiply the number of free day places for Parisians to make the beauty of our culture accessible to all. Thanks to the water theme that unites the metropolis and its suburbs, the three main objectives of the event are: reducing territorial disparities in access to culture, supporting the cultural sector and bringing together 131 municipalities to explore and discover the territory artistically events; can possibly be achieved.

With a Budget of 2.5 million euros Hopefully, for Paris and the metropolises, the 118 artistic projects planned during the Nuit Blanche will live up to our expectations. Most of these projects have already been announced on social networks with #nuitblanche and its website. The diversity of cultures and shows is the focus this year and among the many offers you are sure to find a theme that you like. From rumba to lucha libre to wild rock, techno and country… the number of music styles and shows represented on June 3 is limitless.

Will you be tempted to attend the huge cowboy and rodeo ping pong tournament, or rather stroll along the banks of the Seine to admire the fantastic creatures and the light installations that hover there, or will you be charmed attracted? and elegance of a hypnotic traditional dance at the Petit Palais? The great thing about the free event is that if you want to explore and discover as many places as possible without having to spend a fortune, you can attend as many shows as you want!

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The White Night is also an opportunity to highlight the place where next year will take place Olympic Games 2024. It will be in the colors of these sporting events as well as Olympic and Paralympic events across France. The aim of this maneuver is to bring sport and culture closer together by recreating the cultural events of the epic at the Olympic Games.

Does one of these teasers for this crazy fantasy epic make you want to go there, and maybe surpass last year’s attendance, which already surpassed one million? If you have the chance to go there, be sure to check the timetables when returning to the subway, as unfortunately on Saturdays it’s only open until 1:40 as usual. So be careful not to end up in the same situation as Cinderella!

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