Nothing Remains of the Dead ‘Loneliest Man in the World’

Nothing Remains of the Dead ‘Loneliest Man in the World’

Unfortunately it is the fate of the last tribal member in the house Amazon, Brazil. It was known that the man died after his body was discovered on the 23rd of August last year.

The name of the man dubbed ‘The Loneliest Man in the World’ is unknown. However, there are also those who refer to this person as ‘The Man of the Pit’.

The name is because this man likes to dig a deep hole to catch wild animals and where he hides. This man has lived in seclusion for the past 26 years in the Tanaru traditional forest.

As reported by the BBC, he is the only member of the original Amazon tribe living in the state of Rondonia in Brazil. He is alone because the last six people of the tribe were killed in 1995.

Experts estimate that many of the tribe’s men were killed by herders and loggers in the early 1970s. It is said that these herders and loggers want to expand their lands, but they are in conflict with the local tribes of the Amazon.

‘The loneliest man in the world’ chose not to interact with the outside world at all. When he died, this man was estimated to be 60 years old.

There were no signs of violence on his body and it is believed that he died as a result of death. His body was found outside a closed hut where he lived.

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Constitution Brazil In fact, it regulates the rights of the indigenous people, so that the parties that want to control the land cannot do what they want. The death of this man made it difficult to write the history of this tribe.

In this Nov. 22, 2019 photo, cut logs and wooden boards lie in an area cleared by loggers in the Renascer Reserve in the Amazon rainforest in Prainha, Para state, Brazil.  This conservation area is known to have trees of economic value such as ipe, jatoba and massaranduba.  One of the largest seizures of illegal timber in the Brazilian Amazon occurred at this location in 2010. (AP Photo/Leo Correa)Logging activities in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil. (Photo: AP Photo/Leo Correa)

Fiona Watson, director of research and advocacy for Survival International, said: “No one outside knows his name or his tribe. His death ends the genocide against this tribe.”

He added, “In our opinion, this is a genocide, the entire tribe is being killed because of the breeders and those who are patriotic and wealthy,” he said.

The police are still investigating the place where he died and the residence of ‘The Lonely Man in the World’, so far there are no signs of an attack. Agents from the Brazilian National Agency Funai have been monitoring this man for his safety since 1996.

The first meeting with this person happened in 2018 by accident. Members of Brazil’s indigenous affairs agency accidentally shot a video in the forest, where the ‘Hole Man’ was seen chopping down a tree using what looked like an axe.

However, the man was not seen again after the incident, although the officials of the Brazilian customs agency Funai found a hut with holes dug as a trap for hunting animals.

Near the hut where he lives, it is known that this man grows corn, cassava, and fruits such as papaya and banana. He also dug a deep hole to hide in case a stranger came.

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