Not Only Women, Men Can Also Face Sexual Harassment

Not Only Women, Men Can Also Face Sexual Harassment

Sexual abuse everyone can experience it. Not only women, men can also be victims of rape.

Recently, there is a discussion about the harassment of women passengers in KRL. The man admitted that he was molested by a man while he was on the commuter line.

The incident happened when he was a passenger in the Angke-Cikarang flight. So what kind of treatment can be considered as abuse and abuse of men?

Sexual abuse can occur when the behaviors that lead to sex are directed at another person without the consent of both parties.

Unlike women, men can also get this initiation from public places such as buses, trains or even airplanes. Even in the workplace to the family situation.

Launched in different ways, when they are destroyed by touching and unwanted touch, this is included in the category of destruction.

Not only this, the things that are done with jokes and sexual comments are also among the abuses that men can face. Here are some types of abuse that men can face;

1. Degenerative behavior

Insulting, molesting, touching without consent, both parties fall under the category of sexual abuse. This can happen in male or female offenders.

2. Forced Sex

Forcing men to have sex or to have sex without participation can affect men of all ages and backgrounds. According to Unair’s website, this coercion is usually accompanied by threats to the victim.

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3. Touching the body intentionally

Other sexual violence is intentional touching, for example by touching or touching other parts of the victim’s body.

These are some of the abuses that men can face, like the abuse of travelers on KRL.


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