Not Everyone Gets, Who Gets the Monkey Vaccine?

Not Everyone Gets, Who Gets the Monkey Vaccine?

Vaccination is one way to prevent it monkey bone. But, who is eligible for treatment for meningitis?

The head of the Monkey Measles Association, the Indonesian Medical Association (PB IDI), Hanny Nilasari, said that so far Indonesia has not decided to vaccinate against the disease that causes Monkey Measles. If vaccination is absolutely necessary, not everyone has access to the vaccine.

“Medicine for meningitis will not be given to everyone, limited to only a few people or patients who really need it,” Hanny said in an online press conference, Friday (26/8).

At the moment, Hanny said, the Task Force Task Force is really preparing for the prevention of smallpox. This is done so that when the government and BPOM decide to make a vaccine, the rules are already in place and just implemented.

As for who has the right to get the smallpox vaccine, Hanny divides it into the following three categories.

1. Exposed patients

Hanny said that the first people who are eligible to be vaccinated are those who are infected with this disease. However, Hanny did not explain in detail why exposed people have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

2. Health workers

Health workers, especially those who directly care for people with meningitis, must receive this vaccine.

“Although protection is strict, wear PPE, masks, gloves, but still these health workers must be protected from the inside too,” he said.

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3. There are family members who have been exposed

If there are family members who have been or are currently infected with monkeypox, the family must receive the vaccine. This is especially true if the patient is taking medication at home.

These are some of the groups that have the right to get the meningitis vaccine.


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