Not all flatulence is the same, know the 5 types

Not all flatulence is the same, know the 5 types

Many people have inflammation of the stomach try to turn it back to see the tam. However, remember that not all belly fat is the same.

Instead, there are specific differences in the position and shape of the abdominal distension depending on the underlying cause. Therefore, it is good to recognize the type of stomach ache that is damaged so that it can be treated in the right way.

Although the presence of fat in the abdomen is normal, excess fat can be harmful to health and increases the risk of various diseases. Speaking A healthy linevisceral fat is a type of abdominal fat that is associated with health problems.

Swollen Belly Type

Actually, that’s not all pregnant women are. Here are some of them, they mention Body and Spirit.

1. Abdominal pain

Unlike a bloated belly, bloating starts fairly early in the day and will slowly balloon out. This is caused by food that creates gas and water through digestion.

To overcome this, it is recommended to reduce the food that causes flatulence. These foods are usually more difficult for the body to digest such as wheat, prunes, and mushrooms. Lactose-free foods are known to help reduce nausea.

2. Alcoholism

The next type of abdominal swelling is beer inside. Excessive consumption of alcohol causes this stomach pollution.

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The alcohol content in beer or wine generally causes the accumulation of visceral fat, which sticks to the abdominal wall so that the stored fat has no place to move.

Of all the types of fat, visceral fat is the worst fat because it is close to the vital organs.

The best way to get rid of it is to reduce the amount of alcohol in the long run.

3. Hormonal pregnancy

A person pinches a large patient's abdomen with visceral or subcutaneous fat.  Put your health at risk.Example. There are many types of internal pollution that are different from each other. (iStockphoto/ThamKC)

Sudden changes to the body, which arise not from poor diet and lack of exercise, is a hormonal problem. This problem can appear in pregnancy.

Insulin resistance requires a special diet by reducing carbohydrate intake and the balance of protein and fat for sustainable weight loss.

In some cases, medication may be needed to help lower insulin levels and cause fat loss.

4. Anxiety in the stomach

The appearance of fat that accumulates around the upper abdomen can cause anxiety. Lack of sleep along with poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to increased visceral fat.

This kind of fat storage shows that your lifestyle needs more balance. This is because your body stores fat where it shouldn’t. More cardio will help, as will more sleep, relaxation, and a balanced lifestyle.

5. Mummy pregnancy

Most of the women who have given birth are aware that their pregnancy is not as tight as before. It varies from sagging skin to large pockets of fat.

The good news is, this type of belly fat that comes from body fat is not dangerous. The problems that arise are only about looks or aesthetics, not about health.

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To overcome this, reduce your carbohydrate intake and continue to exercise regularly.


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