No more beautiful life will not return on September 19!

No more beautiful life will not return on September 19!

If we believe what we read on the net, a nicer life seems to have returned on September 19 in the last few days. Except that nothing is less certain at this point.

After the many twists and turns of the cooperative, which is doing everything it can to bring more beautiful life back to the web and television, this time there is a new twist with dozens of websites pouncing on the words of Xavier Niel as if they wanted to “act “The series returns on September 19th. But it’s a lot more complicated than that.
Unless M6 decides to sign an agreement with Newen to purchase the series and restart it at the start of the school year, there is currently no reason to believe that the series will launch anywhere on September 19th as advertised. This “information” comes from a project submitted to ARCOM by Xavier Niel for a new channel, “SIX”, intended to take the place of M6, whose frequency is being phased out, it is a candidate for its own successor … but it With strong The billionaire project is not alone in the face of competition.

Xavier Niel’s “SIX” project presents itself as a project that puts French creation back center stage, with commissions for French fiction… notably the revival of Plus belle la vie. So, if Xavier Niel gets the frequency, he wants to start his channel on September 19 and make the return of the daily soap opera his big event.
M6 or SIX, ARCOM will make its decision next May, but for the moment nothing makes us say that M6 will lose its DTT frequency (owned by the state) and thus disappear after 35 years of presence. And even if that happened, the agreement would have to be signed with Newen, the writing started, the sets built and the episodes shot, all in 4 months and taking into account that Niel has to finish everything within the network’s budget.

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But for the moment everything depends on the decision of ARCOM, which is therefore very premature as many do, and to indicate a date that remains very hypothetical.