NMIXX’s “NICE TO MIXX YOU” Showcase Tour reveals dates and stops

NMIXX’s “NICE TO MIXX YOU” Showcase Tour reveals dates and stops

NSWER is gearing up for the K-pop girl group’s showcase tour soon! The latest hike is expected to hit cities in the United States and Asia.

Read on to see details and locations.

NMIXX ‘NICE TO MIXX YOU’ Tour + Dates, Release Stops

On March 17th, NMIXX unveiled their upcoming NICE TO MIXX YOU showcase tour of the United States and Asia.

The K-pop girl group is expected to make stops in Seattle first, followed by San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Washington and Brooklyn. NMIXX will also visit Bangkok, Jakarta, Taipei, Singapore and Manila in Asia. The tour starts in May.

Also, this will be NMIXX’s first concert tour since their debut.

Before that, NMIXX was about to release their first EP “expérgo” since their debut. The main track of said album, “Love Me Like This”, was arranged by the famous production team LDN Noise.

Previous Nmixx releases “Ad Mare” (2022) and “Entwurf” (2022) received mixed reactions due to their unusual lyrics and song structures. However, both were successful, with “Ad Mare” selling over 220,000 copies in its first week of release. This is the first record set by NMIXX in this period.

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Nmixx debuted as a seven member girl group including Lily, Haewon, Sullyoon, Bae, Jinni, Jiwoo and Kyujin. The group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, announced the departure of one member, Jinni, in December 2022 for “personal reasons”.

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NMIXX’s “Young Dumb Stupid” attracts attention

The first track, “Young, Dumb, Stupid,” was released by the girl group on March 13th. He embodies “MIXX POP”, which combines hip-hop and children’s songs. An optimistic sound and a strong message characterize the song.

(embed)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eh6Vj_vVg4(/embed) The playful appearance of the members in the MV and the spot choreography scene caused many views. Due to the huge interest, the music video was ranked #1 on YouTube the day after its release.

NSWER, the girl group’s fandom name, expressed their different views on the beat and the MV.

Haewon’s share is good

Ah. You are gorgeous

That’s a great song!

The song is so well chosen.

Oh the song is good!! I’ve been listening to DICE a lot and I’m going to listen to this song too. It fits the vibe of NMIXX perfectly and it’s a refreshing song.

This is honestly NMIXX’s best song so far.

The members all have parts that correspond to them as well. Seeing this makes me think their title track must be heavy. Anyway, I like the cheesy side of this song.

That’s a great song. This is mix pop.

NMIXX will release a new track this month from their new album featuring the song “Love Me Like This” and their first EP “expérgo”.

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