NMIXX copied NewJeans? JYP Rookie’s new song sparks divided opinions from Kpop News

NMIXX copied NewJeans? JYP Rookie’s new song sparks divided opinions from Kpop News

in one online communityA debate erupted after a Netter pointed out similarities between NMIXX’s new song and NewJeans’ concepts.

(Photo: NMIXX, NewJeans (Kpop Wiki))

Ahead of the March 20 release of their debut mini-album expérgo and its title track Love Me Like This, JYP Entertainment’s rookie girl group NMIXX surprised the music scene by releasing a pre-release song. Young, Stupid, Stupid” on March 13th.

This first track of the album follows the “MIXX POP” genre, which combines hip-hop and the famous children’s song, drawing attention to the members’ stunning vocals and refreshing sound.

The music video for “Young, Dumb, Stupid” was also released on the same day and had over 12 million views as of March 14. In the MV, the sextet can be seen accessing a game and completing missions.


The music video was appreciated for its colorful and vibrant scenes that fit well with NMIXX’s effervescent concept. The MV also caught the attention of Gen Z with its on trend animations and character emoticon set details that fit the concept so well.

Meanwhile, NMIXX will officially release their first mini-album “expérgo” on March 20th at 18:00 KST and a comeback showcase “Docking Station: expérgo” on their YouTube channel at 20:00 KST on the same day host.

NMIXX imitates NewJeans? Rookie comparison after the release of “Young, Dumb, Stupid”

NMIXX copied NewJeans?  JYP Rookie's new song sparks divided opinions

(Photo: NMIXX (Kpop Wiki))

(Photo: Twitter NewJeans)

When the MV and song were dropped, they immediately caught the attention of music fans, especially NSWER (fandom). Fans continued to praise the team’s concept, singing, dancing skills and visuals.

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However, some raised eyebrows after seeing the new version of NMIXX, claiming that the team is just impersonating their 4th generation co-girl groups, notably NewJeans and aespa.

In an online community, a netizen suggested that the concept of NMIXX changed significantly after their powerful and intense debut song “OO” into a freestyle song. The author claimed that NMIXX originally “copied” the aespa concept when it was very popular and changed to something lighter when NewJeans became the new “starter monster”.

(Photo: Twitter NewJeans)

The OP went on to explain that while there are differences in the MVs of the two groups, the uncanny similarities in their hairstyles, freestyle choreography, and outfits are apparent.

When the post went viral, NSWERs were quick to defend NMIXX and called out the author for his outlandish claim. First, fandom pointed out that the current NewJeans image is inspired by the year 2000, but in fact many idols follow it as well, like TWICE, VIVIZ, BLACKPINK and more.

When it came to their vibe, people got confused as the two bands weren’t the same. Although this was a significant concept change, fans again reminded people that NMIXX follows a genre called “MIXX POP” which combines two or more genres into one song, making it possible for the group to use a sound that is currently is in fashion.

NMIXX copied NewJeans?  JYP Rookie's new song sparks divided opinions

(Photo: NMIXX (Kpop Wiki))

(Photo: Instagram: @newjeans_official)
“OMG” the new jeans

  • “What do you say? If anything, ITZY’s “LOCO” is closest. (Older sister NMIXX).”
  • “But it’s different.”
  • “Today a lot of girl groups do it that way. It’s not that NewJeans reserves that concept.”
  • “Where’s NewJeans?”
  • “Copied NewJeans? NMIXX dances and sings better live.”

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