NIVEA Micellar Water Recommendations for Brightening

NIVEA Micellar Water Recommendations for Brightening

Yes, her name is also a girl. Certainly not far from the world makeup, thick or thin like that. Whatever the makeup, in the end we have to clean the rest makeup and.

But Popbela understands, you must be lazy, right? Or even no more energy to clean it. Luck is here now micellar water na.

But if you ask, Popbela really liked NIVEA Pearl Bright MicellAir recently, you know. Do you know why? Check out the answer in this article, OK!

1. Purification makeup there is nothing left in the face

NIVEA Recommended Micellar Water for Brightening & Fauzan

As the name suggests, NIVEA Pearl Bright MicellAir has a texture water light and easily absorbed into the skin. At present, the power of purification from micellar water It is very effective in removing oil, dirt, and residue makeup to the deep layers of the skin without leaving a residue.

Create a Popbela that uses many enough full face makeup For daily activities, NIVEA Pearl Bright MicellAir is very effective and helps Popbela to remove makeup in the face of surgical.

Usually Popbela needs a lot of cotton to lift and clean makeup quite happy time, with micellar water With just three cotton swabs, Popbela’s face is clean. So don’t throw away the cotton again!

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2. Safe for sensitive skin and does not cause skin irritation

NIVEA Recommended Micellar Water for Brightening & Moisturizing

As a skin care professional facial acneYou can say that Popbela is enough cut off to choose skin care. Usually before trying a new product, the first thing Popbela has to take care of is ingredients– it. Popbela must also confirm whether the content skin care It is safe to use on sensitive skin.

When you know NIVEA Pearl Bright MicellAir does not contain perfume and alcohol, Popbela is enough impressed And don’t hesitate to try this product right away. And yesthe claim not smell same to you zero alcoholreally sure!

NIVEA Pearl Bright MicellAir is safe and does not irritate Popbela’s skin which is very sensitive. Also, this product does not give terrible results when used for cleaning makeup or dirt in the area near the eyes.

The point is, the product micellar water NIVEA this it works well Popbela’s face was not made outbreak. Popbela he loves it so much!

3. Leaves skin soft and shiny after use

NIVEA Recommended Micellar Water for Brightening & Fauzan

NIVEA Pearl Bright MicellAir provides a gentle effect on the skin after use. When trying this product, Popbela also did not feel any strange or oily residue on the face.

Meanwhile, Pearl White Extract and Licorice Extract is contained in it micellar water This can help to regenerate and give effect shine on the skin.

Wow, it’s only natural that Popbela feels that her skin looks beautiful and bright after using this product.

4. Moisturize the skin

NIVEA Recommended Micellar Water for Brightening & Fauzan

Yes, there is one more thing, which made Popbela interested in NIVEA Pearl Bright MicellAir. Besides, they are mixed with good chemicals to clean the face. micellar water it also contains ingredients which does not dry out the skin.

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There is Licorice Extract which not only brightens, but also moisturizes. There is also Tropical Cherry Extract which can soothe the skin while preventing aging.

In general, It is an amazing micellar water. The cleaning power is amazing, less irritating, soft, gentle, and can make the skin bright. Yes, this product is also legal and safe to use by pregnant women, lactating women, and 15-year-olds.

Last but not leastApart from this product, the quality is good, the price too affordable Well done, Bella!

  • NIVEA Pearl Bright MicellAir 125ml: Rp33.500, –
  • NIVEA Pearl Bright MicellAir 200ml: Rp53.100, –

If you are interested, you can buy the product directly in the store offlinefrom e-commerce your favorite, even here! Come and let’s go look product now!

Well, these are some reasons and a little review why you need NIVEA Pearl Bright MicellAir. For those of you with sensitive skin like Popbela, you must try it micellar water NIVEA this. Trying to be happy! (WEB)

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