Night of Solidarity 2023: the 6th edition will take place on January 26 in Paris and in around thirty communes

Night of Solidarity 2023: the 6th edition will take place on January 26 in Paris and in around thirty communes

After a first test edition in which it had proposed to other metropolitan cities to take part in the Night of Solidarity, in the autumn the Parisian municipality had planned to organize the next and 6th edition on January 26th. With the participation of 27 municipalities.

caring at heart. The 6th edition of the Night of Solidarity will take place this Thursday, January 26th in Paris and in no fewer than 27 neighboring communes to count the number of homeless people living on the streets. An operation launched in 2018 by the Paris City Council, which now intends to expand the concept to the metropolitan level.

“The Night of Solidarity allows an objective and anonymous census of the homeless, with the aim of improving the answers provided to them and involving all the institutions,” explains the municipality, which indicates that “each year nearly 2,000 volunteers mobilize take part in this census.” part”.

all metropolitan communities invited

“All cities that wish are invited to participate in this edition, which already brings together almost thirty municipalities,” the municipality said in mid-October, stressing at the time that this approach “allows to meet the homeless to better understand their situation and to unite their needs and all partners in order to fight effectively against exclusion”.

For this new edition, no fewer than 27 metropolitan communities “signaled their desire to participate, three times more than in 2022”. “Despite a complex health context, the first edition of the Night of Metropolitan Solidarity was a great success,” said the President of the metropolitan area of ​​Greater Paris, Patrick Ollier, who mentioned the “great affiliation of local actors” to this event “allowed them to to unite an emblematic action of solidarity”.

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Based on a methodology that it considers “rigorous”, the Municipality explains that “the regularity of this action and the publication of the results every year make it possible to measure the evolution of the public on the road and the impact of the measures put in place, to combat extreme exclusion”.

And “the need remains immense”, stressed the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who – thanks to this approach “know better in order to act better” – nevertheless welcomed the fact that “the residential areas opened in 2020 and 2021 made it possible to reduce the number of people on the streets of Paris”.

During the last edition, organized on January 20th, the Nuit de la Solidarité had made it possible to identify 2,598 homeless people throughout Paris and 487 people in the participating communes at metropolitan level.

That’s 3,085 people who met on the street. Results down compared to previous years, according to Apur with -8% compared to 2021. As a reminder: the number of people hit had already decreased by 21% between 2020 and 2021.