NewJeans Talks What It’s Like When Other K-Pop Idols Cover Their Songs – Kpopnews

NewJeans Talks What It’s Like When Other K-Pop Idols Cover Their Songs – Kpopnews

New jeans I spoke to recently 88en magnification radio on SiriusXM and talked about their songwriting process, favorite bands, dorm life and how popular idols have covered their songs.

(L to R) Haerin, Minji, Danielle, Hyein and Hanni from NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

NewJeans are only six months away from their debut, and despite following a string of successful artists Labels HYBE Umbrellas, steadily progressed in their own way LOVEThe first group of girls out.

When they debuted their first EP, New jeansThe band quickly went viral for their enchanting vocals, unreal visuals, catchy songs and choreography.

Their songs quickly took over social media, with fans and other idols covering songs like “Attention” and “Hype Boy.”

NewJeans turned the year-end awards into in-person concerts where their peers danced and sang along with them, which really showed how popular the rookie group is.

NewJeans performs at the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards | KBS/YouTube Entertainment

In their interview with 88rising radio, the band modestly spoke about their successful debut and shared that a lot of hard work and enthusiasm went into the release of their debut EP.

former boss minji He shared that he practiced “Watch Out” for two years before it was finally released.

Their hard work has paid off and now they even have the attention of the K-pop artists who idolized them. When asked about his fellow idols who cover his songs, grove He shared that it was exciting to see his biggest idols cover his songs and that he never expected it.

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Hanni adding that the experience was surreal as she trained by watching her biggest idols and practicing her songs just for them solar to dance NewJeans now.

We know their songs, it’s weird knowing they know our songs… it was really fun to see all the people that can do that [participated] in the “Hype Boy” challenge.


Check out the rest of his interview below!