NewJeans’ Minji & Hanni reveal what they would study in college if they weren’t idols

NewJeans’ Minji & Hanni reveal what they would study in college if they weren’t idols

the members of New jeans recently sat down with SiriusXM to connect with their international fans by conducting a full interview in English. They talked about the global artists featured on their playlists and what it was like hearing their singles “Ditto” and “OMG” for the first time.

NewJeans on SiriusXM | SiriusXM/YouTube

The host was also curious about the girls’ personalities, aside from the fact that they were singers, so he asked them what they would have liked to study in college if they had never debuted as a member of NewJeans. .

minji was the first to say:Maybe I think another second language?He explained that he had been fascinated by the idea of ​​different sounds in different languages ​​having the same meaning since he was young. This interest was also the reason why Minji tried her best to learn to speak English!

The other girls praised Minji, saying that she excelled at language learning because she was so good at it. Minji shyly brushed aside her praise, saying that she still had a lot to learn and her classmates were often the ones who taught her.

replied HannyBefore I came to Korea, I was very interested in science and medicine.She also said that she alternately saw herself in the camera and writing the script!

Again the members got involved and said they could imagine Hanni taking a film course.

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The MC had to move on to more questions before the other members could respond, but it was a great opportunity for fans to get to know the true personalities of NewJeans members outside of their idol lives! Watch the full interview below. At 2:55 p.m., the girls talk about what they would have liked to have studied in college.