NewJeans, Lim Young Woong and ! • Kpopnews

NewJeans, Lim Young Woong and ! • Kpopnews

The Korean Business Research Institute has now published the February Brand Reputation Ranking, which includes various Korean stars.

Many artists have also been featured on this list, highlighting how popular they have become so far. The data collected was covered from January 28th to February 28th.

Here Are The 10 Most Popular K-Pop Artists Of February 2023!

1. New jeans

(Photo: NME)

NewJeans topped the list with a staggering Brand Reputation Index of 7,176,143. This is the second month in a row that the girl group has been number one on the list.

As charted, NewJeans continues to grow their artistry, fan base, and reputation as a fourth-generation representative of K-pop. Aside from their music and content, they have also been trending for their collaborations with fast food chain McDonald’s.

2. Lim Young Woong

Lim Young Woong

(Photo: Instagram: @im_hero____)

In February, soloist Lim Young Woong’s score skyrocketed on the list, reaching an index of 6,505,134.



(Photo: Twitter: @BIGHIT_MUSIC)

BTS claimed a Brand Reputation Index of 6,087,045. On the institute’s original list, the K-pop sensation peaked at number three.

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Considering the size of their fan base, BTS will always be trending. Member J-Hope has also gone viral with the announcement of his upcoming digital single On The Street.


BLACKPINK, 14 concerts in 7 cities in the USA... pop stars were there too

(Photo: Twitter Blackpink)

BLACKPINK received an index of 5,094,077, proving its strong following. They were also trending due to their hits at the Circle Chart Awards, winning Female Group of the Year and MuBeat Global Choice Award (Female). They also landed “Artist of the Year (Digital Music)” with the songs “Pink Venom” and “Shut Down.”

5. Exo


(Photo: Twitter: @weareoneEXO)

EXO gained 3,788,757 from its February index. With their upcoming EXO’ CLOCK fan meeting event, the legendary group has unleashed a wave of anticipation among their fan base. The community has praised being able to meet EXO both offline and online.

6. Lee Chan won

Lee Chan won

(Photo: Instagram: @mee_woon_sanae)

Lee Chan Won was also included in the institute’s ranking and made a name for himself with a brand reputation index of 3,590,036.

7. User Interface

IU, from naked to smoky...

(Photo: IU Instagram)

IU achieved a Brand Reputation Index of 3,394,638 in February. The singer-actress was ranked 13th on the original list, underscoring her reputation as one of Korea’s most recognizable celebrities.



(Photo: Twitter: @pledis_17)

With a Brand Reputation Index of 3,269,031, SEVENTEEN was included in the Institute’s Popularity List in February. Aside from their music, SEVENTEEN also receives love from CARATs for their YouTube content and social media updates. You are also one of the winners who took home the 2022 Circle Chart Awards trophies.



(Photo: Twitter: @H1KEY_official)

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Fourth generation girl group H1-KEY earned 2,810,897 for their Brand Reputation Index in February.


The 9 members of TWICE reunited.  9th year of friendship

(Photo: Twitter: @JYPETWICE)

TWICE received an index of 2,613,103 for February. The 3rd Generation Nation’s Girl Group has been taken to the internet for their teasers for their upcoming album READY TO BE. With fans’ anticipation growing, TWICE’s popularity is expected to increase in March.

Which artists on the list are your favourites? Let us know in the comments below!

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