NewJeans Is Hanni rich? Here’s how much the idol has made so far, according to

NewJeans Is Hanni rich? Here’s how much the idol has made so far, according to

Indeed, with the growing popularity of NewJeans in the K-Pop scene, they are among the bands earning above average. With the group making a fresh start in the industry, fans are bound to be curious as to how much the members make, particularly member Hanni.

Hanni is a Vietnamese-Australian idol who is currently part of the emerging monster group NewJeans. You want to know how much the singer earned? So read on!

How much has NewJeans Hanni made since debut?

Hanni was first introduced to the K-pop industry when she and fellow singer Minji appeared in BTS’ music video for “Permission to Dance” on July 9, 2021.

(Photo: Instagram: @armanibeauty)

Following his inevitable career, Hanni made his debut with NewJeans on July 22, 2022. The group had released their first single “Attention”, the title track of their first extended play “New Jeans”, which was physically released on August 1, 2022. .

Their hit single “Ditto” followed on December 19, 2022. It was then trolled by their main track “OMG” on January 2, 2023.

New jeans Hanni
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With all the success the group has achieved so far, NewJeans has definitely become one of the representatives of K-pop, successively breaking records in charts, physical sales and overall popularity in the face of the K-pop community.

According to sources, Hanni’s net worth gave an estimate of $1.5 million. These finances are earned through his professional career, including his contribution to songwriting and other group activities that result in money production.

NewJeans Hanni Pham is the main event of the Gucci runway show 2023

(Photo: Hanni (Gucci Twitter))

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In addition to his affiliation with NewJeans, Hanni also benefits from his endorsements for multiple brands. That fact alone proves the meteoric rise of her and the band in the music scene.

These brands include popular names like Armani, Gucci and other brands that comprise the group as a whole. These brands include SK Telecom, Shinhan Bank, MEGASTUDY, Musinsa, Pinkfong, McDonald’s, Nike, Levi’s and more.

NewJeans becomes the fastest K-pop actor to reach million seller status

Aside from his various luxury brand endorsements, Hanni’s 2023 net worth is quantifiable due to the success of NewJeans’ previous two releases. On January 27, Circle Chart announced that NewJeans’ debut single album, OMG, has sold 1,013,462 copies since its January 2 release.

(Photo: Instagram: @newjeans_official)

On their album “OMG” the release became an album that sold half a million copies and achieved 480,000 copies sold. For first-day sales, “OMG” broke the record for the group’s debut EP “New Jeans,” which totaled 701,241 sales.

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In addition to this feat, NewJeans achieved their second million-selling album with their debut album, New Jeans, which sold 1,036,811 copies from August 1, 2022 to February 11, 2023.

THIS group of girls gets credit for not having any

(Photo: Hanni (Elle Korea))

With NewJeans making headlines early in his career, Hanni’s net worth is expected to grow in 2023 with the group’s achievements and upcoming activities.

Are you looking forward to Hanni’s efforts with NewJeans? Let us know in the comments below!

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