NewJeans Hanni Pham is the main event of Gucci runway show 2023 – Kpopnews

NewJeans Hanni Pham is the main event of Gucci runway show 2023 – Kpopnews

NewJeans Hanni Pham was sure to turn heads by showing off her stunning beauty at Milan Fashion Week!

(Photo: Hanni (Gucci Twitter | Idol Issue Facebook))

Hanni Pham is indeed the key event of the Gucci Milan 2023 fashion show!

Earlier on the 22nd, the NewJeans member left South Korea for Milan, Italy to attend Milan Fashion Week 2023. Back then, she had already stunned K-pop fans and fashionistas with her gender-neutral look of rocking menswear.

NewJeans Hanni Pham is the main event of the Gucci runway show 2023

(Photo: Hanni (Gucci Twitter))

But Hanni Pham is just getting started!

So on February 24th (local time), Hanni showed what it’s like to become the main event after appearing at the Gucci Fashion Show 2023, one of the most anticipated shows of the MFW23 mainstays!

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The “OMG” singer notably came to the event to represent Gucci, the luxury brand of which she is a global ambassador.

Despite being one of the youngest and newcomers to the fashion scene, Hanni has not failed to turn heads with her innate, vibrant and refreshing beauty.

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Dressed from head to toe in Gucci clothing and accessories, the fashion rookie also shone with her self-confident aura like the daughter of a corporation that always sits at the front of events.

Of course, the eye-catching look should not be missing. People who saw her were shocked at how small her face looks with her slender body. Locals described her performance as combining two iconic K-pop visuals; BLACKPINK Jennie and the late Sulli.

Hanni had the latter’s fruity charm while having Jennie’s “it-girl” vibe. Her long straight hair with bangs also reminded people of the deceased idol.

In fact, her Getty Images just proved how perfect her face and figure are in real life!

Besides her outfit and good looks, Hanni has also attracted the attention of media, celebrities and bunnies (fandom) due to her friendly vibe and healing smile.

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NewJeans Hanni is ruling the fashion scene less than a year after her debut

Hanni Pham only debuted in August 2022, but her impact on the fashion scene continues to grow after six months.

Hanni leaves with a beautiful smile on her face

(Photo: News1)

After being named Global Ambassador for Gucci, Hanni is also asked to become Global Ambassador for Giorgio Armani Beauty as well. In K-pop history, the “Ditto” singer is the first idol to collaborate with such a position with the luxury Italian brand.

She will work with world famous models such as Cate Blanchett, Sydney Sweeney, Tessa Thompson and Barbara Palvin.

NewJeans Hanni Named Global Ambassador for Armani Beauty

(Photo: Instagram: @armanibeauty)
New jeans Hanni

Following in the footsteps of BIGBANG, BLACKPINK and BTS, NewJeans also cements the status of K-pop idols in the fashion world. Besides Hanni, Minji is also an ambassador for Chanel, Danielle for Burberry and Hyein for Louis Vuitton.

In doing so, they proved that despite being a new girl group, the team is receiving increasing love and influence from fans around the world.

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