NewJeans confirmed as Levi’s new global ambassador

NewJeans confirmed as Levi’s new global ambassador

NewJeans has been chosen as the newest global ambassador for Levi’s, a clothing company known for its denim jeans.

Here are all the details.

NewJeans confirmed as Levi’s new global ambassador

On March 6th, NewJeans was announced as the global ambassador of the famous denim brand Levi’s.

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NewJeans shared how excited they were to support Levi’s, known for its everlasting denim jeans.

With NewJeans as the new global ambassador, the brand is in line with the group’s core theme of being “timeless like jeans”. They are also responsible for catching everyone’s attention with their Y2K concept and music.

NewJeans has wild rabbits with their pictures:

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A Levi’s representative also expressed his excitement about working with NewJeans. The official said Levi’s meeting with NewJeans was the first step in promoting the brand. Known for its denim products, Levi’s wants to appeal to Gen Z’s brand identity.

They’re also excited to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Levi’s beloved 501 jeans. They added that with NewJeans’ diction, fashion choice and upbeat energy, Levi’s is also willing to transfer NewJeans’ exciting achievements to bunnies.

“We are grateful and excited to be associated with Levi’s, a classic brand that represents the most recognizable jeans ever made.”

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In addition, it was also announced that the NewJeans live performance will be held in Seoul to commemorate the 501st day Levi’s blue jeans were patented on May 20, 1873.

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NewJeans has done deals with well-known brands not only as a group, but also individually, proving their growing popularity. Since debuting on July 22, 2022, NewJeans have made waves on the K-pop scene, breaking charts and records in the process.

“To enchant Generation Z and celebrate the 150th anniversary of the creation of Levi’s Jeans 501, we planned to meet NewJeans as a first step.”

“We intend to work with NewJeans as our brand ambassador on a number of fascinating performances and projects as they have a free, elegant and brilliant spirit.”

Stay tuned for upcoming projects and live performances from NewJeans!

NewJeans Hyein elected Louis Vuitton Global Ambassador

In addition, the youngest member of NewJeans, Hyein, was elected Louis Vuitton’s new Global Ambassador.

New Jeans Hyein

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On December 30th, Louis Vuitton expressed its delight at collaborating with Hyein, which aims to convey the unique style of NewJeans with its personality and captivating looks.

Louis Vuitton said:

“Hyein from NewJeans has been chosen as our new ambassador. With Hyein, with her distinctive NewJeans-style charm, we look forward to embarking on a new journey with her.”

Excited about NewJeans promotions at Levi’s? Will you watch their performances live? Tell us in the comments below!

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