New List of Syrup Medicines from Fever to Allergy that are safe to use according to BPOM

New List of Syrup Medicines from Fever to Allergy that are safe to use according to BPOM

PT Lapi laboratories have defined health products for fever, cough, cold and asthma: Lapifed syrup, Lapifed DM syrup, Lapifed Expectorant syrup, Rhelafen suspension, Rhelafen Forte suspension, Apetic drop, Apetic suspension, Apetic Forte suspension, Lacoldin syrup, Lanos drops. Lanos Plus syrup, Lapisiv syrup, Lapimuc drops, Lasal Expectorant syrup, Lasal syrup, Lasmalin syrup and Mucovy syrup. Syrup products of PT Lapi Laboratories’ anti-inflammatory, allergic and antiviral drugs that are declared safe by BPOM are: Lameson suspension, Desdin. syrup, Tiriz drops, Bestalin syrup and Laprosin syrup.

PT Lapi Laboratories dietary supplement (vitamin) syrup preparation products declared safe by BPOM are: Apialys drops, Apialys syrup, Imunos syrup, Imunos Plus syrup, Biostrum syrup, Cal-95 Kid syrup, Nu Health L-Cal Grow syrup, L-Vit D3 drops, Optalvit syrup, Eyevit syrup, Vitacur syrup and Fervit drops.

Samples of syrup preparation for medicinal types other than the above from PT. Lapi laboratories that BPOM also declared safe are “Lagesil suspension, ODR syrup, Ondansetron syrup (Generic), L-Zinc syrup, MG-40 suspension, Nystin drops, Nystatin drops (Generic) and Latropil syrup.

Apart from this, there are also dry antibiotic products from PT. Lapi Laboratories which is also declared safe for consumption and distribution to patients. These products are Aclam 125 DS, Aclam 250 Forte DS, Lapicef 125 DS, Lapicef 250 DS, Lapicef OD, Cefila DS, Lacophen DS, Lapimox 125 DS, Lapimox 250 DS and Cefadroxil Drop (Generic).

“All syrup products of PT. Lapi Laboratories that are declared safe by BPOM can be purchased at the nearest pharmacy and pharmacy, by consulting a doctor / health worker. For more details about the products of PT Lapi Laboratories, you can view samples Website lapilaboratories, Heschel concluded.

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