Netizens Shocked After Alleged Fan Nurse Jin Of BTS Illegally Injected To See Him

Netizens Shocked After Alleged Fan Nurse Jin Of BTS Illegally Injected To See Him

In January, a nurse in her 20s from an unidentified unit left her base without permission and went to Jin’s unit in Yeoncheon, 60 kilometers north of Seoul, according to military officials.

An official told reporters that an investigation was ongoing and “necessary action” would be taken based on the findings.

Netizens shocked after suspected fan nurse Jin of BTS illegally injected himself to see him in K-pop

Under South Korean law, a soldier who leaves his job temporarily without permission or fails to return within a specified period of time faces a fine of up to 3 million won (US$2,258) or one year in prison.

Netizens shocked after suspected fan nurse Jin of BTS illegally injected himself to see him in K-pop

There is a suspicion that this nurse was involved in the illegal distribution of medicines to the 5th Division. The nurse administered the second shot against hemorrhagic fever. After that, she returned to her own unit and shared this “Jin has suffered greatly« .

Netizens shocked after suspected fan nurse Jin of BTS illegally injected himself to see him in K-pop

The informant shared that the nurse said the personnel manager was aware of her actions and mentioned that she was going to the 5th Division.

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This report shocked Korean netizens who wrote:

“Let’s file a complaint and protest until the investigation prevents something like this from happening again.” Let’s go all the way »

“Imagine if she actually tried to give him a chance? She should have asked him to pull down his pants so she could cum on his butt ~~ She really traded not only her career but the honor of her career just for the chance to have the butt of a BTS- member to see »

“An unauthorized exit from work to an unauthorized exit from a vaccination, up to a year in prison, right? Then go to jail. »

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“I think the army was trying to hide him… They really need to send him to jail. She would have left if they hadn’t kept it a secret.

“A nurse not only left her post without permission, but broke into another post and administered an injection. This is not only a breach of private information, but also an unauthorized access to medical and pharmaceutical devices. The base knew it and yet chose to pass it by with no consequences. The more they remain silent on these issues, the more people will feel audacious enough to commit increasingly serious acts. Please hand out severe penalties and give her an example. »

” I’m so sad… “

” I am so angry “

“Don’t expect too much from the army. From their point of view, they do not want to make any noise, even if there are suicides in all units.

“Bangtan is pathetic….”

“Jin has served in the 5th Division since the beginning. This means that this nurse had access to her department’s information from another nurse who likely works in Jin’s department. In fact, it gives me goosebumps when these people call themselves nurses, even though they’re not at all afraid to use their position for such acts. The base should better not hide this and ensure that everyone involved receives the greatest possible punishment. »

“Not to mention the suspicions, how could she have taken unauthorized leave from her own unit just to see a celebrity? It goes way beyond the point of insanity. »

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« Aigo Jin-ah TT TT TT TT TT TT TT My answer is uneasy. What is that they are treated fairly by all these people?

“It’s so scary…”

“Doesn’t that mean anyone can come in and inject any type of liquid, be it propofol or poison? … I’m shocked at how lax that is.” It’s like a neighborhood supermarket. »

“It’s too scary. Isn’t she a saseang at this point? Why give a vaccine? She could even have killed him if she wanted to. Shit, that’s creepy”

“Give away his personal information!” »

Fool, why don’t they accuse her of being a criminal?

“Let’s switch genres here for a second. What if a male officer snuck into an idol’s dressing room or wherever she was when she was invited to a performance and demanded photos and autographs? »

“Singers are people too. Can people know where the line is? Would you like someone to do this to you? »

“It’s definitely a sasaeng. Each training unit has its own nursing station. There is absolutely no reason for a nurse from another unit to come in just to give an injection. »

“Jin can’t escape the sasaengs even during his compulsory service. ㅜㅜ Please fire this woman.”

“She ruined her life just for a celebrity…”

“What if she put something weird in the solution?!??” »

“BTS sorry……”

“The more I think about it, the more goosebumps I get… I’m so worried about Jin’s health.”

“Please protect our Jin… please ㅠㅠ Please don’t let the crazy ones near him.”

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