Netizens react as ARTMS photo update goes viral

Netizens react as ARTMS photo update goes viral

In March, Orbits celebrated when they learned it Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choiretc heejin signed at new agency after leaving blockberry creation.

(From left to right 🙂 Choerry, Heejin, JinSoul and Kim Lip | @official_artms/Twitter

ModHaus cheers on Jun Heejin, Kim Jeongeun (Kim Lip), Jung Jinsol (JinSoul) and Choi Yerim (Choerry) for their new beginnings. And we promise not to hold back our active support so they can create better memories for fans. Please love and trust Jun Heejin, Kim Jeongeun (Kim Lip), Jung Jinsol (JinSoul) and Choi Yerim (Choerry) in the future.

— ModHaus

The members participate in a project called ARTMS, which mysteriously bills itself as “a story about the girls’ incredible strategies and plans to get to the moon.”

Excitement quickly turned to mixed reactions when Orbits learned of the four idols’ new company, ModHouseannounced to use the NFTs for the group.

ModHaus group friend, TripleSalso uses NFTs to determine their concepts, composition, etc.

Fans reacted with extremely mixed opinions to the use of NFTs after the initial excitement that the four former LOONA members were active again after the dispute between LOONA and Blockberry Creative. They were amazed again with the latest photo uploaded by the ARTMS project.

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The photo, uploaded to Twitter with the caption “Healing Explorer Limbs | ARTMS linkquickly went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Fans had a hilarious reaction to the unusual new photo, with several netizens questioning the concept of the project and jokingly asking for the photo to be removed as it went viral with over 10,500 quote tweets and 22,700 likes.

Many also noticed and responded to the unusually high number of bookmarks on the tweet, which grew to 1,264 bookmarks in less than eight hours.

ARTMS continues to release more information about the project through their official social media accounts.

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Find out more about the project below!

“Boycott necessary”? Orbits Voice Extremely mixed reactions to the latest announcement from ARTMS