Netizens praise NewJeans’ vocal skills Live

Netizens praise NewJeans’ vocal skills Live

It’s safe to say that NewJeans has become a real phenomenon in the world of kpop.

With thunderous debuts, the girls have continued their lineage with each new release and have become a group that is eagerly awaited by fans and industry pundits alike.

Netizens praise NewJeans' vocal skills Live

And her singing talent has also proven itself lately. On June 15th, NewJeans won first place on the music show Inkigayo with their title track “OMG”. As usual, the winning artist will give a live performance without vocal support at the end of the show.

NewJeans fills BTS void in just 2 months, mixed netizens 32

As the members of NewJeans followed the exercise, they wowed viewers and netizens with their accuracy and voice.

NewJeans fills BTS-Void in just 2 months, netizens mixed 2

In the comments, netizens praised the young girls. They write :

  • “Hanni is so good”
  • “Hanni’s vocal range is incredible and she has power”
  • “I can’t believe how good Hanni is”
  • “Hyein’s voice color is so beautiful”
  • “Hyein has such a beautiful voice”
  • “They are all good”
  • “Is something wrong with Minji’s earbuds?” Looks like Minji is a bit nervous and could work on her confidence.”
  • “I can’t hear Haerin very well, but they’re all very good”
  • “Hyein and Hanni are both so good; while dancing and singing
  • ” Very good “
  • “Is Hanni the lead singer? »
  • “I think Haerin could work on building his confidence”
  • “Is Minji a rapper? »
  • “So pretty”

We love this kind of quieter performance!

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